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Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Would someone please call my phone?  I have no idea where it has gotten to this time.

I have photos of finished objects to post.  A quilt and a scarf.  Hey. I have no job, no kids, and now I get to knit and sew as much as I want.  Of COURSE I'm turning out a lot.

Benita asked for a pattern for my  lazy cowl.  It's more of a recipe than a pattern, to be adjusted according to taste.

Using size 5 needles and sport weight yarn, cast on 92stitches and work k2/p2 rib for four inches,( more or less depending on how much yarn you have, how long your neck is, and whether you want a turtleneck on your cowl. 10 inches isn't too much for a pencil-neck geek like me.)

Increase one stitch, and work seed stitch (k1/p1) for several rounds.  Switch to size 8 needles and work 3 or four inches of seed stitch. You can probably use circular needles for this. Switch to see 10s and work another four or so inches of seed stitch and bind off.If you have lots of yarn left, crochet a lacy border. Maybe add beads. Or not.  As you choose.

Going from rib to seed stitch gives you lots of ease, and then going up in needle size opens your gauge to make for a lacey, loosey-goosey sort of fabric.

Benita also asked what pattern I used for my knit from the top down hats.  I sort of unvented one.

Top-down hat

using double-pointed needles of a size appropriate for your yarn, cast on 7, leaving a 3 inch (or so) tail to sew the top shut.
Row 1: increase in each stitch (I like to knit in the front and back of the increase stitch, but use the increase of your choice)  14 stitches
Row 2 and all even numbered rows: knit
Row 3: *increase in first stitch, k1,* repeat 6 more times  21 stitches

Row 5: *increase in first stitch, k2,* repeat 6 more times  28 stitches
Row 7: *increase in first stitch, k3,* repeat 6 more times  35 stitches
Row 9: *increase in first stitch, k4,* repeat 6 more times  42 stitches
Row 11: *increase in first stitch, k5,* repeat 6 more times 49 stitches
Row 13: *increase in first stitch, k6,* repeat 6 more times  56 stitches
Row 15: *increase in first stitch, k7,* repeat 6 more times  63 stitches
Row 17: *increase in first stitch, k8,* repeat 6 more times  70 stitches
Row 19: *increase in first stitch, k9,* repeat 6 more times  77 stitches
Row 21: *increase in first stitch, k10,* repeat 6 more times  84 stitches
Row 23: *increase in first stitch, k11,* repeat 6 more times  91 stitches
Row 25: *increase in first stitch, k12,* repeat 6 more times  98  stitches

Depending on your yarn and needle size, this should be an acceptable size crown of a hat for infant, child or adult.  Hats aren't the most perfectly fitted sort of thing.  A too-big hat on a kid is adorable.  And hats for preemies are about the size of a demitasse cup, so there will always be someone who can wear your hat.

At this point, I usually work k2/p2 rib for 6 to 10inches, but you can indulge in lace, color work, cables or whatever strikes your fancy.  Hats are a great place to try new techniques since they are a small investment in time and materials.  Just remember that if you don't finish with at least an inch of ribbing, the hat will not stay on as well.

Any questions?  Feel free to use, repost, or sell these "patterns".  Putting a copyright on them would be like trying to copyright a technique for watching a sunset.   You have eyes, don't you?  You have a sunset?  Watch it which ever way seems good to you.

You have yarn, needles and the skills to cast on, knit, purl, increase, and bind off.  Make your hat any way you like!


  • At 5:08 AM , Anonymous Benita said...

    Thank you!!! I've wanted a good pattern for a top-down hat and I am going to make a cowl like that. It's the first one I really like the looks of.

  • At 5:15 AM , Blogger KnitTech said...

    You might be up about now, it's only a quarter after 0500.


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