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“I never seem to have what I need when I need it. I’m going to make a belt-bag that’s bigger on the inside than on the outside, and just carry everything with me.”

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Baabette writes

Baabette writes:
I have really enjoyed Hawaii.  Everyone is so smiley and friendly everywhere we go.  But people keep mistaking me for a bunny.  I guess it’s my elegant ears that confuses them.   Linda adopted a chicken from Kauai and we had a blind date but it didn’t go very well.  We just didn’t have much in common. I was raised on the herb farm, and he was raised in the jungle.  He was very nice and quite handsome for a chicken, but we just couldn’t get a conversation going.  I do have to admire his spirit of adventure, though, getting up and going to a whole different country to live.  His Hawaiian name means “Great protector of Kauai.”  It’s a lovely long name, but rather hard to remember, so Linda is trying to think of an everyday sort of name for him.  Maybe FreeRange, or Brewster the rooster.
Everything in Hawaii seems different. Even the grass is different. The sparrows look just the same as at home but they seem meeker.  Even the doves bully them.  And the heat and humidity is a whole new experience for me.  When Roxie went to the Twisted Turtles yarn store in Kauai, I got to see some wool spun from Hawaiian sheep.  It was mostly guard hairs.  They don’t need to grow a downy warm undercoat because it never gets all that cold here.  The dyer who colored the yarn was really good, but Roxie decided she needed other fibers for her stash.
Roxie keeps eating ice with syrup on it.  She calls it “shave ice” and she thinks it’s funny the way it numbs her mouth and tongue when she eats a lot of it fast.  I think it’s a way for her to get extra water into her system.  Boy, she sweats a lot! She ties a bandanna around her forehead before she puts on her hat, and within an hour it’s soaked clear through.  After two hours, it’s dripping down her back and she needs to take it off and wring it out.  Eeew, gross!  I’m lucky to be far too ladylike to sweat.
Yesterday was our last day on the islands.  Roxie has an Uncle there, so we visited with him and his new wife.  Older humans sure drive funny., and they get lost a lot.  Traffic in Honolulu is scary enough without riding in a car where the driver decides to change lanes without looking.  It was very sweet of them to pick us up and take us out for lunch, and Roxie was so happy to see her uncle again.  She really loves him, but she said later, “It’s like that joke about how I want to die quietly in my sleep like my grandpa, not screaming in terror like the passengers in his car.”
Kyle started the day with a brisk 4 mile hike to a nearby store to buy bottled water for the trip home..  Kyle is a hero!  The ship has bottled water available, but it’s expensive.  And the tap water tastes sort of boiled.  It’s desalinized seawater that has been purified to within an inch of its life.  Perfectly safe to drink, but you just don’t WANT to.
Now we have five days at sea, then docking in Vancouver, BC and a long bus and train ride home.  I’m sort of starting to miss the green, green grass.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Arriving at Oahu

Good morning my darlings!  Sorry I have been less than regular with the postings.  I can't seem to sail to this state without coming down with some mysterious fever.  Yesterday, our day in Kona, I spent the whole day in bed with a fever and all the aches and whines associated.  Kyle went out and had a wonderful walk but didn't get many photos.  He did, however, get all sorts of drugs and useful nostrums for my comforts.  He is a man with his priorities straight!

The day before,Easter Sunday, we were in Kauai, and I did get a few photos.

We docked in Nawiliwili harbor, a very tricky harbor to negotiate with a narrow, twisty channel.  The pilots for this harbor earn their pay!!
Every time we go to Nawiliwili, I MUST go to the Twisted Turtles yarn store.  She has the most wonderful selection of fibers and colors.  Most are appropriate for hot weather, but still she carries wool, alpaca and cashmere because everyone has family in northern climes.

Kyle was especially taken with this notice.  And while I was in there shopping for yarn, he was going through a bowl full of pins with mottos like, "Come to the dark side.  We have yarn." and "I knit so I won't kill people."

The top skein is from the fifty%off table because, damn it, I can't resist a sale.  The next two skeins are from an independent dyer on the island.  That pink and yellow just sang my name so dulcetly!  And the aqua silk - how could I resist?

And then, there's a skein of lace weight alpaca in a blue that is perfect for Lynn Baker.  I'm going to knit her a scarf for Christmas.

One of the things you will see in Kaui is chickens.  Everywhere.  I got a photo of these Easter chickies in a parking lot. Then I walked up to them and picked one up.  I just bent over and gently closed my fingers around this downy ball of insouciance, lifted it up to eye level, feeling how fragile and warm it was.  It looked at me as if to say, "Yeah? What?" very calm and unconcerned.  Then the mother hen darted up to me looking worried and said, "Please may I have my baby back now?"  I put the little one down and he wandered off, peeping with his brothers and sisters.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Still in Maui

Baabette amidst the bougainvillea
Lamb in a banyon tree.

Today Kyle and I walked to the nearby swap-meet.  Gee we had fun.  And Baabette went just nuts.  She wanted every piece of jewelry and every dress out there.  And half of the t-shirts as well.  Kyle got 3 new t-shirts.  I got a new dress.  We got some home-made marinades and sauces, and figured the back pack was heavy enough.

 I have 11237 steps so far today. Usually I have salad for lunch, but today I had lamb and pasta and strawberry frozen yogurt.  I was soo hungry!

Now it's time for a nap before dinner. Cruising is hard work, but someone needs to do it.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Maui - photo heavy post

 This morning at 8AM we docked in Kahului on Maui.  Kyle and I were going to take the Rainforest and Waterfalls Hike.  We had paid $136 each to do so.  We got to the dock and were told that the cruise ship company had oversold the tour and there wasn't room for us.  Our money would be refunded, but - sorry - we have nothing available for your to do today.

Undaunted, we decided to make our own fun, so we walked a mile or so to the farmer's market at the Queen Kaahumanu shopping center.  Wayy cool!

These are Winter melon.  They look a lot like warty cucumbers. And in the background you can see Japanese eggplants.  There were papayas and mangoes and green onions and garlics and home-baked portuguese yummy stuff, all sorts of fresh greens, live plants, flowers, and shave ice.  Today I got PinaColada shave ice.  They gave me a gum ball in the bottom of the cup.  ;-)

For those who asked, here is Baabette in her formal wear.  You can see the pink earrings.  She was so festive!

She has been a bit of a pain lately.  She wants a pirate earring. And a date with Johnny Depp.

And, because the fibronistas asked, here is the fabric I have been unable to resist.  A jellyroll of navy to pale blue batiks.  I got these at Artistic Expressions.  I was trying soooo hard to be disciplined.

Then I found a fabric store here in Maui - I fell for a bundle of 4 fat quarters that co-ordinated with the jelly roll.  The shop is Sew Special and they are just crammed with gorgeous batiks and Hawaiian prints.  AND, they have a web site - so we can order fabric on line if we should start to run out.  (Part of my brain is saying, "You can scarcely walk through your workroom because you have BOXES of fabric stacked up on the floor!!!")

And omigawd, I found a bolt end  - a yard and quarter, that is perfect with everything else!

So we came back to the ship, had lunch, sat in the hot-tub, had cold beverages . . . I am NOT being very WeightWatching accountable.  A MaiTai is nothing but empty calories.  But I HAVE gotten in 12,003 steps and 53 flights of stairs so far today.

If only I could resist the chocolate melting cake at dinner.  Rich dark chocolate - imagine a brownie that is only half-baked so you get a little cake and then spoonfuls of warm brownie batter that is like a chocolate orgasm for your tongue.

And there is no scale available on the ship.  No way at all to weigh in.  No way to see if I am holding the line or sinking into the slow fat morass. (more ass)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Docked in Hilo

Baabette woke up feeling somewhat "seasick."   I explained that what she was experiencing was a hangover.  She says I couldn't possibly be right about that because, well, everyone knows that sheep don't get hangovers.  I told her that sheep who drink too much get hangovers.  Moreover, everyone knows that sheep don't get seasick.  Not only have I never heard of a seasick sheep, I can scarcely even pronounce it.

We pulled in to the pier in Hilo, and got telephone connection, so I was able to pull some photos I had sent from my phone.  Baabette with her pink parasol.
Baabette frolicking with a friendly towel-hound.

And here we see Roxie and Baabette relaxing in one of the deck chairs on the stern.  That was a languid, serenely slothful morning.

So, Kyle, Baabette and I got off the ship at the port and walked about two miles in to Hilo center.    It was overcast and humid and warm and I loved it.  Kyle was chipper as a mynah, and Baabette was complaining as only a sheep can.  ALong the way we spotted a couple of kittens playing in the brush alongside the road.

 In the center of the photo you can see the little grey baby peeking back at us.
And here's the tiny tiger.  They were so dear, but sooo timid.  They wouldn't even come out to play with Baabette.

We walked and walked and walked, and when we finally got into town, the first place I wanted to stop was a shave-ice shop.  Coconut, passion fruit and mango is my favorite, favorite shave-ice. My mouth and tongue were nearly frozen before I finished, but it was worth it!!

We stopped at Artistic Impressions fabric store.  I have to stop there every time we get to Hilo.  They have the most awesome asian prints and quilt kits and finished quilts that just inspire the heck out of me.  I know I don't need more fabric.  I really, really don't.  But you know how it goes.  At least I didn't buy more than I could carry.

We stopped at the farmer's market and bought 3 papayas for a dollar and an avocado the size of a softball for $2.  I love farmer's markets in Hawaii!

Baabette and I  posed on the way out of town.  I love these big wide-spreading trees!!

I wound up with blisters on the balls of both feet, so before we went to the ship, we caught a bus to Walmart and picked up bandaids, gel insoles, and, since it was just across the street from Hilo Hattie's, we also stopped in and bought a pearl.  It was PURPLE.  Oh, it's beautiful!  On the way out, this guy tried to sell us insurance.

Tomorrow, Maui for two days.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Baabette writes!

Woo hoo! I mean, oh baby, call me Baabs .  I’m the ewe on the loose! We went to a party on board and Roxie let me come along.  Kyle said I couldn’t come because I hadn’t been invited by name, but Roxie snuck me in because she is wooooonderful!  And she even shared her drink with me. 

And then ---- oh and then, --- oh bleeeeeat!  We got up on stage and danced!  Woohoo!  We kicked our heels up.  We threw our hooves up, we got to SHOUT ! 

That's Roxie in the purple shirt right up front, and that's meeeeeee having funfunfun!
This is Roxie and me with the cruise director who led us all in dancing.  He was very nice and thought I was wooooonderful!
And now my head feels all swimmy and the floor keeps acting silly and I’m going to lie down for a little bit.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Third day at sea -- Baabette writes

It’s not that Kyle and Roxie are old and stuffy, exactly, but they donb’t stay up and party the way I want to.  We had a formal dinner last night and I was so excited getting ready.  I wore a sexy pink and blue halter top wrap with a blue necklace and pink earrings.  I looked sooo pretty one of the photographers took my picture all by my self. 

The public rooms were just crammed full of people in all sorts of fancy clothes.  There was a man wearing a beautiful pleated plaid wool skirt which puzzled me no end until Kyle explained that it was a scotch kilt, and the soldiers in Scotland wear them.  He said that people in Scotland wear lots of wool, and since I’m part Shetland, then some of my ancestors come from Scotland.  I wanted to pet the kilt to see if it feels like anyone I know, but Roxie wouldn’t let me.

Then we went in to dinner.  All the people were so pleased that they could order anything they want, as much as they want, even two lobsters.  Kyle had three appetizers and a small plate of spaghetti.  Roxie had green salad, and broiled fish.  Her lunch was another green salad, and breakfast was an egg white and vegetable omelet, so she decided to treat herself to a little glass of Amoretto.  It smelled funny and burned my tongue when I tasted it.  

After dinner we watched the stage show for a little bit.  It had loud music and bright lights and lots of people in bright sparkly clothes singing and dancing.  I didn’t know what was going on, but it was all very exciting.  I wanted to sing and dance, too, but Roxie, the old stick in the mud, said that they do not encourage audience participation from sheep.  How – specie-ist!  Then we went to bed.

So when, I want to know, WHEN do I get a chance to sing and dance?  Everything is very nice and everyone is very kind, but I want to kick up my heels some time before I die.

Monday in April
.  Yesterday,  Kyle and I walked around the interior hallways to get our steps in because the wind on deck was just too cold.  But we did find some wonderful nooks and crannies with light and comfy privacy, so we are quite pleased with our expedition.  Today is warmer, and at last the clouds are clearing so life on deck is almost a pleasure (except for the wind that just about takes the hair off you.  It was 32 miles an hour yesterday.) Kyle and I did manage to get out on deck and stroll this morning, then after breakfast, we found an enclosed basket chair for two.  So we bundled up in the ship’s bathrobes and a couple of deck towels, and spent a couple of serene hours at the aft rail, watching our wake fade out behind us.  It’s hypnotic, almost transcendent.  I feel as if my psyche has been taken out, steam-cleaned, fluffed and hung out to dry in the sun.
Here’s Baabette with her flirty parasol.  I expected to see other pets on board, but none have shown up yet.  We might have to hang out near the kids’ camp and see if anyone has brought a familiar stuffie.

Gene and Linda A are on this cruise as well, and we have been enjoying their company no end.  At dinner last night, Gene told us that we were supposed to entertain him.   Foolish man.  I started telling jokes, and he and Linda were kind enough to laugh.  In fact, we all got to laughing so raucously that a fellow at another table began giving us very dour, Presbyterian glares. And for heaven’s sake, we were stone cold sober and G-rated. I’m so glad I don’t have to live in his head!  Wait till he sees me with a load on.

We returned to our room to find Baabette frolicking with a terrycloth dog.  That ewe – can’t leave her alone for a minute.  We have a formal dress-up dinner tonight, and I promised her she could come along.  At least I can keep an eye on her, even if I can’t control her.  She’s led such a sheltered life out at the herb farm.  This may be the time she has to learn about consequences.