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Friday, October 24, 2008

LOL Cats - I luvs m

more animals


  • At 4:32 PM , Blogger Alwen said...

    O hai!
    Looks like it's nommy food, too!

  • At 9:51 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    You just can't go wrong with kittens, can you?

  • At 9:43 AM , Anonymous Dave Daniels said...

    Yes, that's one of my favorites in my Bloglines. Always a smiler.

  • At 10:11 AM , Blogger Willow said...

    I do there every week and laugh my head off. I can has laffs, tu.

  • At 10:58 AM , Blogger Galad said...

    I've seen that expression on our old dog's face. Kittens just don't respect a nap.


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