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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday sky

One of the silver linings to feeling crappy is when you start to feel ok, it feels fantastic!! I woke up with energy today. Wahooo! DH let me spend the better part of Saturday collapsed on the sofa, doing my world famous impression of a dead possum. I COULD have been a brave soldier and dragged myself through housework and maybe a trip to a local pumpkin patch, but why? Why be a good soldier when I'm not even at war? I cleaned the litter box, triggered my mechanical servants (dishwasher and clothes washer)let DH bring me hot beverages during his breaks in killing demon cows and cockroaches from hell (I think the game is called Diablo) and melted into a lump under my quilt. the kitties were happy. I woke once to find three of them on me and one more sharing the sofa. And because I took pity on myself and spent the last day napping, today, oh my gosh, I feel Marvelous! Not up to wrassling tigers, by any means, but fully functionally human.

DH and I have been looking for a retail outlet for a flavored water that he likes. The only place we could get it was at the gym, and I hate paying more than $2 for a small bottle of water. You know what really burns my shorts? A brush fire about three feet high! But back to the flavored water, today we set out on the hunt, going from store to store. Safeways doesn't have it nor does Albertsons nor Nature's nor Trader Joes' nor QVC. At last, we drove to a young and growing neighborhood that DH and I each lived in at different decades. When I lived there, it was an aging, rundown, edging toward slum neighborhood (and affordable!) Now, it is heavily gentrified, and full of upwardly mobile young things, hip, cheeky shops, a dog boutique for the love of Mike, and alternative medical practicioners on every block. The old theatre, that in my day was a strip joint, has been turned into a fun and whimsical brew-pub. The corner bar (we called it the animal shelter) that never seemed to close has been torn down and replaced with a bright chreerful coffee shop and bakery. The second hand store is now a re-sale shop. )Same merchandise, same dust, same creepy dark corners where you don't want to touch anything, but the cash register is computerized now.)

And in the Fred Meyer grocery store, we found DH's flavored water - 4 bottles for $5. I felt such exultation! I felt as if we had been out on a trek and finally, after cunning stalking and daring attack, we had brought down a mamouth! Food for the tribe. We will eat like kings!! Hooray for us! We should be greeted with dancing and song when we return home. The children should squeal with glee when they see us, and run shouting the joyful news to the rest of our clan!

OK, so only one of the cats even woke up when we got home, and her remark was, "Oh, were you gone?" But then,cats don't drink flavored water. I felt great, GREAT sense of accomplishment.

I'm going to be out and about a lot tomorrow. Two cats to vet for rabies shots, then to Weight Watchers, then to meet a friend for lunch, then to Medical teams to drop off our unused supplies, and a pound of little yellow baby bonnets. A pound of acrylic makes more than a dozen baby toppers! Very hard to photograph, but I'll give it another try tonight.

Hope it was a good weekend for you. It's been good for me.


  • At 5:59 PM , Blogger Alwen said...

    I have to tell you that one of the highlights of my online time this weekend was your comment, which I read out loud to my husband:

    "Yah know, when I went to live in Denmark for a year, people were warning me, "Don't wear this because you'll look like an American. Don't do that because people will know you're an American." Finally I said to myself, I AM an American! And I wore my Levis and cowboy hat and boots all over, and people thought I was a Swede."

    Which made us both give the same explosive snort of laughter!

  • At 9:10 PM , Blogger Pat K said...

    So glad to know that you are feeling better! Don't overdo things yet, though. No relapses are allowed!

  • At 9:47 PM , Blogger Janette said...

    So pleased to read you are feeling better and almost normal!! once again.

    Good luck with ww. I'm due to visit them this Wed, so I'd better be good today and tomorrow for a good weigh-in.

  • At 5:06 AM , Blogger Donna Lee said...

    I'm glad you're up and moving around and feel more like yourself. Health and feeling good are not to be taken lightly.

    And excellent job on hunting down the mighty water!

  • At 1:52 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    Oh huzzah! Roxie is up and running, and has hunt down and killed water for the tribe! (I want your Saturday. Seriously. That sounds amazing...)


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