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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday sky

It was clear last night. When I got up, there was frost on the grass and clouds beginning to blow in. This is sky before sunrise, with mackeral clouds.

This was the week when all the leaves came in -

when hills all went from brown and gray to green.

and so the summer sweetly does begin.

I almost heard them bursting out. This dim

subsonic shout - what does it mean?

This was the week when all the leaves came in.

The air is soft and mild. My senses spin

in wonder at the season's turning speed.

And so the summer sweetly does begin.

The maple trees unfurl, in stulish whim

chartreuse cockades to tiny, tight-packed pleats.

This was the week when all the leaves came in.

The poplar's brassy tint will quickly dim.

For three days only will that shade be seen.

A million shades of summer now begin.

Bird's nests, once visible within the thin

and barren twigs now hide behind a screen.

This was the week when all the leaves came in,

and so the summer sweetly does begin.

The clouds were thin enough to let some shine through. As the seasons turn, the light falls more from the north, and the shadows open new areas of fascination for Candy cat. There were bird shadows flickering across the leaves of the (FAKE) rubber tree plant in the corner, and I had to discourage her from climbing into it hunt them.

On Saturday, as we were driving around, we noticed the nutria were absent from one of their favorite grazing lawns. (Nutria are large aquatic rodents rather like a rat-tailed beaver. They were brought up from South America by someone with a notion that they would be a new exotic food. When the venture failed, they were all turned free. They are now nudging out local species.)

DH remarked on the absence of nutria and I speculated that they were all off at Easter Bunny training camp. A pair of fake ears,a fluffy tailpiece, and some practice at the hoppity thing, and they'll be ready to spread colored eggs and good cheer next Sunday.

"And meanwhile," he said,"the local bunnies are sitting around and complaining about the wetbacks who are taking all the work away from them!"

No, we are not politically correct here. But we laugh a heck of a lot.


  • At 7:47 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    What a lovely villanelle to summer--that's awesome!!! (No one knows what a villanelle is anymore--I'm just tickled!!!) And no, not politically correct--but I would imagine all of my hispanic students would be laughing hysterically right now:-)

  • At 5:05 AM , Blogger Grandma Flea said...

    I just had to look up "villanelle" in the dictionary - now I'll have to go back and check out the rhymes and lines! I had a quick check on your posts last night when we arrived home - your spring photos are magical - what happened to the flowers in the frost? I guess they are cold climate plants and it doesn't worry them - I hope so, at any rate.
    Your novel sounds VERY interesting - if I had been here (or was going to be here over Easter) I'd have volunteered to test read.

  • At 8:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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