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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Docked in Hilo

Baabette woke up feeling somewhat "seasick."   I explained that what she was experiencing was a hangover.  She says I couldn't possibly be right about that because, well, everyone knows that sheep don't get hangovers.  I told her that sheep who drink too much get hangovers.  Moreover, everyone knows that sheep don't get seasick.  Not only have I never heard of a seasick sheep, I can scarcely even pronounce it.

We pulled in to the pier in Hilo, and got telephone connection, so I was able to pull some photos I had sent from my phone.  Baabette with her pink parasol.
Baabette frolicking with a friendly towel-hound.

And here we see Roxie and Baabette relaxing in one of the deck chairs on the stern.  That was a languid, serenely slothful morning.

So, Kyle, Baabette and I got off the ship at the port and walked about two miles in to Hilo center.    It was overcast and humid and warm and I loved it.  Kyle was chipper as a mynah, and Baabette was complaining as only a sheep can.  ALong the way we spotted a couple of kittens playing in the brush alongside the road.

 In the center of the photo you can see the little grey baby peeking back at us.
And here's the tiny tiger.  They were so dear, but sooo timid.  They wouldn't even come out to play with Baabette.

We walked and walked and walked, and when we finally got into town, the first place I wanted to stop was a shave-ice shop.  Coconut, passion fruit and mango is my favorite, favorite shave-ice. My mouth and tongue were nearly frozen before I finished, but it was worth it!!

We stopped at Artistic Impressions fabric store.  I have to stop there every time we get to Hilo.  They have the most awesome asian prints and quilt kits and finished quilts that just inspire the heck out of me.  I know I don't need more fabric.  I really, really don't.  But you know how it goes.  At least I didn't buy more than I could carry.

We stopped at the farmer's market and bought 3 papayas for a dollar and an avocado the size of a softball for $2.  I love farmer's markets in Hawaii!

Baabette and I  posed on the way out of town.  I love these big wide-spreading trees!!

I wound up with blisters on the balls of both feet, so before we went to the ship, we caught a bus to Walmart and picked up bandaids, gel insoles, and, since it was just across the street from Hilo Hattie's, we also stopped in and bought a pearl.  It was PURPLE.  Oh, it's beautiful!  On the way out, this guy tried to sell us insurance.

Tomorrow, Maui for two days.


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