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Friday, June 18, 2010

and more quilts

Amy, dear girl, here's the last of the Garfield and Odie prints. And was it you who gave me the sleepy moon and stars? It was just what I needed for borders.

On the other side, we have some sofa pillow covers which match a sofa we no longer have. Now, instead of sitting forlornly in the fabrics box, they are going to see service as the back side of a crib quilt. ************************
(Curse you, Blogger. Why can't I get the text to line up with the proper photos?)

******************************************* MJ gave me a whole buncha fat quarters for my birthday (squeee!) and some of them are SO charming! The clothes in this print are wayy too tiny to cut out and use, but the idea is just adorable.

And all these happy children are playing so nicely amidst the tape measures. They're really dear, and the nice 1930s sort of reds and greens go so beautifully together.

But damn, it was a lot cuter up close.

And there are still 3 more quilts in my head struggling to be born. It seems I have litters of quilts. Quilts like piggies, books like elephants. Different gestations and numbers of births.

I was up a pound at weigh-in but, after a kniitter's party, I count a one pound gain a roaring success. And besides, the walking is burning away inches. Muscle weighs more than fat, so next week I should do really welll.

Oh, and I figured out a way to keep motivated for the walking. I'm going to go down to the mall before it opens and check out the stores. That should be interesting enough to keep me going, and if I get there early enough, there won't be any place open to take my money.


  • At 3:55 PM , Blogger Willow said...

    Walking at the mall in the mornings is a great plan!

  • At 1:07 PM , Blogger Galad said...

    Walking motivation is good - wish I could find some. Maybe next week

  • At 4:06 PM , Blogger Donna Lee said...

    People around here are "mall walkers". There are quite a few of them and they walk at a brisk pace around and around. There are even markers on the walls to let you know how many laps make a mile. And no stores are open to steal your money.

  • At 4:23 PM , Anonymous Benita said...

    What a happy party of quilts! How do you quilt them?

  • At 6:03 AM , Blogger KnitTech said...

    You know if you leave your wallet at home, the chances of you spending money is greatly reduced.

  • At 1:59 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    There are actually groups that do that! Mallwalkers-- there are clubs & everything! And you're welcome for the Garfield... it does my heart good to see all that fabric made lovely.


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