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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

And the results are . . .

When you bring your kitty home from the vet after major surgery, you expect her to spend at least a few hours being quiet and dopey, right? Not Pepper. I let her out of the carrier, and immediately she went staggering around the house, ensuring that her empire was still running according to her will.

"Don't let her play roughly or jump off things." they told me at the vet's. I figured the discomfort would prevent that. Either she feels NO discomfort, or she's a heckuva lot tougher than I am. (When I had MY hysterectomy, I felt damn proud to walk up the flight of stairs to my house without whimpering or weeping. ) Trying to catch her before she jumps causes more difficulty than it might solve, because she fights her way out of my clutches and jumps anyway. I suppose I could keep her in her carrier for the next three days. Yes, that's bloody likely. Her stitches look good with no reddness around them, so I will just keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

As for the knitting, it's an experiment in lazy increase and decrease that hasn't turned out as well as I might wish, but has been educational.

Four stitch markers. K2tog after each one in circular knitting. I keep forgetting that although garter stitch is square, stockinette is rectangular. I am pleased with the swirl, but dissatisfied by the way the decreases come to a point.

Sweater? Nah - we don' need no estinkin' sweaters. We are making hats for the homeless. You could stash a lunch in this one.

And for your daily dose of kitten, Here is Ben, again lounging in his favorite spot - the fruit bowl. Plums are scattered all over the rug. Cat is contentedly curled in bowl. How could you be cross with that little face?


  • At 7:58 PM , Blogger Wannietta said...

    I could completely sympathize with Mischief after her surgery - I couldn't stand up or sit down without planning it out for about 2 weeks after I had my tubes tied (well, cauterized actually). I totally put the kibosh on the kids trying to pick her up. She healed well at her own pace.

  • At 8:06 PM , Blogger Willow said...

    And who could even accuse that innocent face?

  • At 10:06 PM , Blogger Jejune said...

    Ben's sweet in his own right :)

    The hat looks great, I'm sure it will find an appreciative home. Like the idea of those lazy decreases!

  • At 6:02 AM , Blogger Donna Lee said...

    When my male cats got "snipped" I was told the same thing. Keep them quiet and don't let them jump. Yeah, right. I guess vets have nothing to do but follow their animals around. I just figured they wouldn't do anything that hurt too much and let them go. They healed fine. It was funny to watch them try to walk before the anasthesia had worn off all the way and they had no real control of their back legs.

  • At 7:58 AM , Anonymous MonicaPDX said...

    Oh, boy; that Pepper's a handful! But I think you're right, better to let her go than make her fight you. If she hurts, she'll slow down, right? ::crossing fingers:: I also think you're just going to have to wait for Ben to outgrow the bowl. The question is, will he cry and make you buy him a much bigger bowl when he grows up? [vbg]

    Hey, you've got a Rasta hat there! I'm sure someone with lots of hair (or dreads) to stuff in a hat will pounce with cries of joy. Point or no point!

  • At 8:11 AM , Anonymous Paul said...

    When Lizzie had her hysterectomy, I brought her home and she got to the top of the stairs of the apartment, stretched out across the hall and slept for two and a half hours till the drugs wore off. Then she was up and about like nothing had happened. And she doesn't even miss her uterus one little bit, and I'm sure Pepper will feel just the same. LOL!

  • At 10:56 AM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    I like that hat--seriously--the stripes, etc... I think that would make an awesome baby blanket... (kittens are so cute...)

  • At 11:41 AM , Anonymous tlbwest said...

    I have a shameful confession. When Adele the cat was spayed, she was pretty sleepy all evening - then wanted to sleep under the covers. Well, I let her. Worrisome - Roxie, you know how small she is, still. That time she stayed there all night - and was pretty much back to normal (for her) in the morning. Sometimes she still wants to get inside the bedclothes - I don't know whether it is because she is cold, or because she is anxious - which she does tend to be, especially since the arrival of Ethel - usually just for a few minutes. So there is my confession of the day as to things we aren't supposed to let our pets do, but let them do anyway.
    Hope all goes smoothly with your mother-duty time. I'll be thinking of you, and hoping for no forest fires, etc.(Seems unlikely what with the recent weather.)

  • At 1:51 PM , Blogger Warrior Knitter said...

    I like your funky hat.


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