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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

On the 10th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

The year we went to Australia, we saw
10 leaping lizards!

The thing about Australia, beautiful, beautiful place that it is, is that all the animals want to hurt you. Well, ok, maybe not some of the sheep. But everything else is after your blood. There is an ant that, if he bites you, even if you are a grown-up, you will cry all day. The deadliest, most agressive spider in the world lives in Oz. Seven of the ten deadliest snakes live in Oz. They have a SEASHELL that will kill you. Go anyway. How often have you ever been attacked by a seashell? And if you go, you stand a chance of seeing frilled lizards, with those fabulous Elizabethan-type collars which they flare up when they get excited. Sometimes, when they get really angry, they stand up on their hind legs and run! And the birds will knock your socks off! Kangaroos are a pest on the golf courses. The wine is terrific, the people are delightful, and the scenery is stunning. You should go! Kangaroo tastes like a big, gamey desert rat. Crocodile tastes like chicken.

Dh and I were good today. We went to the gym. Everyone else in the world was there as well, but we managed to get in twenty minutes on the treadmills. Yayy! That's once in a row!

I finished a pop-up paw today. Now the struggle to make another one just like it only for the other hand.

Knitty Gritty had a show today about diagonal knitting. I love this technique! You knit to measurement, rather than to stitch and row number. Great fun.


  • At 6:59 PM , Blogger Lucia said...

    Now you're making me want to knit a collar...

  • At 9:13 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Okay, Roxie--only on your blog do I have trouble commenting--the window usually refuses to open if I'm commenting on more than one entry--I can't explain it, it's the computer's way of taunting me for missing one of your wonderful blogs.

    Anyway, I love those damned lizards--I'll watch the Discovery Channel with Bryar for hours just to watch one go upright and frilled and rev across the screen... Someday Mate and I will travel. We've promised.

  • At 9:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Roxie - you make me laugh! again! We hosted some young German women (3) for the Gay games a few years ago and they were absolutely terrified of all the things they had seen on the Discovery channel - apart from "hello" and "it's so good to meet you", almost the first things they said related to the dangerous wildlife in Oz. After we explained that we went swimming and had never been eaten by a shark; that we have funnel web spiders in the garden (and occasionally the house) but have lived here for 40 years, raised three kids here and none of us has never been bitten; that there are snakes in the bush around our house but we've only ever seen them when the cat used to kill baby ones; that when in the Northern Territory there are signs telling you where you can swim safely without getting eaten by a crocodile; that when in Queensland the beaches have signs telling you when NOT to swim to avoid the box jelly fish; etc etc etc; that it was far more likely they would be run over by a car while here - and that the Olympic Pool where they were swimming did not have a reputation for any of the above, they were not in the least reassured! Then, after the Games, they did a camping tour of the Red Centre - and went swimming in Darwin where a sign specifically said that swimming was not allowed - because they were SO HOT! And very lucky to be SO ALIVE! Some people!

    However ... we went to Canada and Alaska in 2005 and I was absolutely TERRIFIED that I'd meet a big, big, gargantuan BEAR who was patiently waiting just out of sight, licking his furry little chops, waiting just for me (he'd read that I was coming on the net). But of course it's reasonable to be frightened of bears - they rip poor, unsuspecting campers' heads off while they are asleep in their tents - I read it in the newspaper so it must be TRUE and I'm sure it happens EVERY DAY in some part of the US and Canada and I took evasive action EVERYWHERE I went - singing and clapping and stamping - and those strange people in Vancouver kept looking at me - hasn't anyone told them they live in a dangerous country? Ah well, nice chatting - must dash.


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