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Sunday, December 31, 2006

On the 7th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

7 wanton women
6 geezers lying
5 0ld things
4 falling birds
3 wrench sets
2 purple gloves
and a party with some friends

One of the downtown hotels has a great little boardroom where, on the weekends, they will cater a lunch for a very reasonable rate. So we can pay back all our generous friends who have been feeding us all year. No need to clean our house before and after and worry that I have missed something that will ustterly disgust someone else. No need to bustle around with food and service, no headaches, just delightful times with charming people. Can't beat it with a stick. It's what we do as a Christmas gift for the usual suspects.

I looked around, and realized that five of us had gone to college together. Friends thereafter for life. And the daughter of another friend has just been accepted to the same college. Pretty cool.

As for knitting news - here are the extortion socks.
Now I send ONE sock and hold the other hostage till we know what is planned for the 50th wedding anniversary in August. I'm planning ways to threaten a sock. Scissors? Tug-o-war dogs?

DH loves gadgets. We have one of those self-cleaning litter boxes. Candy the kitty views it with GREAT suspicion. Ten minutes after she potties, the box grinds into life, a rake combs through the litter, lifts a lid, and dumps the "solid waste" in, then rakes its way back to starting. So, after pottying, she sits beside the box and glares at it. When it begins to move, she hisses and bristles. As the rake lifts the lid, she smacks it several times very hard. After the rake returns to its starting place, she sits and glares at it for at least another hour. The litter box is possessed! This is the box she prefers to use, but a demon lives in it! There's a short story idea - the haunted outhouse!


  • At 11:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Excellent extortion socks...I think you should threaten moths! And the visual of the kitty staring at the possessed litter box is too funny! It looks like a great bunch of folks--I hope your New Years was lots of fun!


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