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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm feeling much better now

You guys are so sweet! Thanks so much for your good wishes. They worked. I'm feeling a bit stiff and bruised around the neck muscles, but I'm moving freely and getting ready for work. I'm taking another GED test to the jail. Then I've got my ladies' writers' group, then a massage and chiro appointment to finally get my neck straightened out.

DH and I even made it to dance class last night. It's good exercise and great fun. And after taking the same class five times, we are starting to get good at it.

I will get a chance to knit socks in public today, and there will be ample time at writer's group to work on the blankie, so I'll have pictures tomorrow. Blessings and all good wishes to everyone!


  • At 5:13 PM , Anonymous Dave Daniels said...

    That's so great that your husband likes to go dance with you. It's unbelievably romantic. And great exercise. And romantic. He's a keeper.

  • At 5:17 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Oooooohhhh--doesn't knitting socks in poublic make you feel talented? I'm really glad to hear you're feeling better--man, I've got a tweaked neck and sometimes it just sends pain all down my back--I feel you... (but dancing sounds like fun--I really like the fact that you've taken the class 5 times...I'd so do that! (amy)


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