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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Happy birthday Linda!

Glory, glory! Sunny Saturday sky! Thirty eight degrees with a brisk breeze, but sunny! Hooray!

The blanket continues to grow. Yes, I did dye the yarn myself. Iused a nifty dye powder called Dyelon that I found at the Mill End fabric store for the yellow and the peach. And I used some Australian dye powder in the shades of opal (bluish,) ice (greenish,) and gallah (big fat magenta pink!!) The pale pink is Rit. I also dyed t-shirts, socks and underpants, because I had the dye and I ran out of yarn.

I made Linda G. a pair of pop-up paws for her birthday and couldn't show them untill today when I get to deliver them. Linda is taking a wonderful approach to her birthday: she is celebrating all month long! I used the slip-stitch from my self-heating mittens and knit them on size 8 (you gotta size up for slip stitch) with Cleckheaton wool.

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