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Monday, September 09, 2013

The letter O

Occupy and observe


I saw the saucer, whirling bright, float high above the ground
while small gray creatures in the light were gently floated down.
With thin pink feet and beady eyes, like possums or their cousins
they hit the ground and waddled off in couples and in dozens.
The saucer left as silently as any passing breeze
and left my mind a prey to many questions such as these:
Were the creatures really aliens, or earthling abductees?
And why would they abduct possums?  And what did they think of the fleas?

Now when I round a rural corner any moonless night,
and something small and grey and fey stands frozen in the light,
and I can't stop the car in time, I always have my doubts.
Did I just squash a possum, or road kill an alien scout?

occular orbit



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