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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Fun at the fair

There were baby goats - so tiny.  If they were house-broken (and weaned) they could be carried in a socialite's purse.  Chihuahuas are so passé now.

There were newborn piggies, but you couldn't get near the pen for all the families crowding around.

There were bunnies in the poultry barn, and even at that it was half-empty.  Very slim-pickin's for exhibits all around this year.  Usually there are rows and rows of various chicken species, but this year was very sparse - only two rows of chickens and a few mallards.  Disappointing.

There was a tank full of salmon in the state parks display.  This fellow was quite the ham, hovering just so right in the light and smiling beguilingly.

The display areas had been reduced.  Usually various nurseries will do displays, but that didn't happen this year.  The women's building was a sad disappointment, with almost no knitting competition, no weaving what-soever, only one case full of spinning, and I couldn't even find the canning and pickling competition.  The quilts have been better, and the sewing was virtually non-existent.

There were gustatory delights though.  Porky's Bacon-palooza was a new addition, along with the brick of wiggly fries.   And of course the deep-fried twinkles, oreoes, and koolaid were available.   Also red-velvet funnel cake.   I must be getting old, though.  None of it appealed.  Not even the industrial sized cinnamon roll with soft-serve ice-cream.  I was craving a nice salad.

In spite of this nicely glued incision on the side of my head, I got through the whole fair without any pain or disorientation.  Hooray for modern medicine.  And I notice that my feet are finally warm, my nail-beds are rosy, and my vision seems better.  Better living through improved chemistry!


  • At 12:57 PM , Blogger Indigo Roth said...

    Um, so the families crowding round the baby piggies? Were they introducing them to their kids so they could get to know their food before it is sold to Porky's Bacon Palooza? I was concerned to hear about your temporal arteritis and the biopsy; any news? Indigo x

  • At 4:39 PM , Blogger Rose said...

    I think I know why the displays were so thin. I looked to see about entering various areas, and saw that they were charging per entries and even the poetry entry had a fee this year! Plus if you win, all you get is a ribbon. I think many backed out this year because of that. And they did not have the easy drop spots for entries like they used to have.


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