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Friday, June 14, 2013

The letter C

 My camera and computer are not communicating well.
Here we have photos of c-things, but they showed up inverted.

I am SUCH a techno-incompetant!

Calla lilies
Cat on Car


  • At 9:03 AM , Blogger Acorn to Oak said...

    I guess you could say your photos are cattywampus...another "C" word. ;-)

    It could be blogger doing it. I'm having the same problem the past month or so. It's so frustrating. I spend so much time trying to get them straight. And, sometimes I end up leaving photos out because nothing I do will fix it. The vertical ones are the problem. Usually, saving them turned a certain direction sideways before you load them onto blogger will work. Other times, the pic has to be saved very small. Then, it will load straight and you can enlarge it once it's on your post writing page. Good luck!

  • At 9:19 AM , Blogger Willow said...

    I think the cat prefers being upside down.

  • At 10:37 AM , Blogger Rose L said...

    LOL I have had that problem before. I found a solution...before downloading to place on the blog, I view them, use the right turn or left turn to change them in the photo program and then turn them back and - viola - it works!

  • At 3:33 PM , Anonymous benita said...

    I don't know, but I like viewing the world from a different angle. :)

  • At 5:22 AM , Blogger Saren Johnson said...

    Gotta say, your prospective is different.


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