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Sunday, July 04, 2010

We hear from Lulu again

I recently got an e-mail from that wandering lamb. Blogger is not letting me do a cut and paste, so I'll copy what she said. All typos are mine.

"Hey Bobbie, Bucky and Roxie - I'm in a strange place now called Indiana. Haven't seen any indians yet, but Benita says she has Cherokee blood in her, so I guess that's close. Sandy said something about booze. After that suffocating ride from California, I'm thirsty. Hope she hurries. Benita is promising a fun weekend.

Lulu N. Lamb"

Evidently she hasn't yet heard about Bobbie's adventures in Oz, so I wrote to fill her in, ending with an admonition not to drink and drive over the holiday. Careless little minx that she is, she wrote back, "Well Bobbie just wasn't ram enough for this ewe, and as for drinking and driving, Benita has hid her and Scott's car keys, so I think they are on to me.

Still, I've been told that Scott's middle name is Angus, so I'm keeping an eye out to see if he's a chip off the old bull.

Talk to you later, mate. with Lulu around, you know fireworks aren't far away!

Keep an eye on for further photos and reports of Lulu's doings.

And happy Fourth of July to all those who don't have to wrangle a wild Australian ewe.


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