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Friday, May 07, 2010

post number 1103

One thousand, one hundred and three posts? Boy I'm a talkative broad! There's a lot of that going around I guess. When I went out to get the paper, I paused at the front door to enjoy the clear, star-sprinkled sky, the sweet smell of the air, and the sound of birds waking up. And I heard a peculiar grumbling noise as well. I listened, trying to identify it. It got closer. The sound got clearer. "So what I should have done was to tell her to take her shoes and sit on them! Any idiot could see she bought them, wore them to the prom, then brought them back for full credit. I wasn't born yesterday. Girls have been pulling that trick since I was in school. But noooo, we have this store policy . . . ." A young woman was walking her mid-sized mongrel dog and giving her injustices an airing at the same time. She strode right past, still talking a blue streak, and never saw me. Fly cat had come out with me. We looked at one another. "Some people are nuts!" I said to him.

Yesterday I got the house cleaned, the table set, and the macarons baked. Today, MJ is going to come over and help me with the rest of the baking (chestnut cake, peanut butter cookies, frost the macarons, make cashew chicken salad for the savorys.) We will meet Mary Lee Alder of Medical Team International for breakfast at Sully's, and deliver the quilt that we made together. (And I will dragoon them both into helping me finish tying the last quilt I made.)


  • At 1:10 PM , Blogger Willow said...

    We can only hope she was either talking into an ear device or to the dog. My kids used to play "Bluetube or Crazy"...betting on whether said individual was talking to the air waves or to one's self. In LA, one can't always be too sure...

    Thanks for the designing encouragement. I'm making decisions on fair isle colors...

  • At 10:07 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    LOL-- well, yeah, I talk to myself too!!!

    (Spamword: slymac ... hee hee... if only they knew!)


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