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Sunday, February 28, 2010

busy weekend

We took Bucky and Bobby through the carwash. They have never been through an automatic carwash before and found it wildly exciting.

On track and entering the process.

soap sprays

Here come the brushes!

Yeeha! Look at those suckers go!

They begged to go through again, but we told them that once a week was all that was allowed. But if anyone wants to take them through between now and Tuesday, give us a call.

So we got home, and I took them out in the yard to pull weeds and burn off some of that excitable energy.

Bobby was really pretty good at it.

Bucky sort of took his own approach. Hey, eat 'em or pull 'em, I don't care.

I took a nice picture of the boys amidst the daffodils to send home to their mother.

Now, are there any entomologists out there? This lovely big brow and yellow butterfly was flitting about and i don't recognize it. I couldn't get cloose enough to get a good photo, but it has blue spots alonng the bottom edgeof its wings, and it's about the size of a Monarch.

I checked the internet history on my laptop and found that someone has been checking out lingerie sites. Bobby confessed that he wanted to buy a pretty present for Lulu, and was trying to find some sheep frills.

Thank ghu he's not smitten with Dolores. I asked if he knew who Dolores was, and he admitted that she pretty near scared him spitless. "She looks like she's been rid hard an put up wet one too many times," he told me.

I'm trying to decide if the boys should go in the checked luggage or if I should squish them into my carry-on. In 50 hours, we'll be heading for the airport.


  • At 6:21 PM , Anonymous Lisa Nowak said...

    You must be so excited! Have fun on your trip.

  • At 6:23 PM , Anonymous Pat Lichen said...

    That's a mourning cloak butterfly, Roxie. Unlike most butterflies, this species overwinters as adults--which is why they are the first you'll see in the spring. And they're solar powered--they require the sun's warmth to move around, so you're only likely to see them on sunny days. (I learned everything I know about them from that splendid book "Passionate Slugs and Hollywood Frogs." ;o)

  • At 9:13 PM , Blogger Rose Lefebvre said...

    The butterfly could be a Viceroy. They mimic the Monarch but are brown in color, not orange.

  • At 5:44 AM , Anonymous Dave Daniels said...

    My vote is that they should go in the carry-on. This way, they can hawk out the window and see the flight.

  • At 7:03 PM , Blogger Galad said...

    I vote for the carry-on too. They will be very excited.

  • At 8:52 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    OMG-- too soon! But the guys, they're so cute. You MUST take them!

  • At 9:16 PM , Blogger Heide said...

    I don't know about the carry-on option. On the one hand, if you get really bored during the 16 hour flight (assuming you're flying out of California) they might come in handy for entertainment. But on the other hand, if you start puting on a puppet show and/or start taking pictures of them to share with us it may cause an international terror alert. Bucky looks a lot like his cousin, Ali Baa Baa, who is more than likely on the do-not-fly list. Can you bring knitting on the plane? What about a 5'3" carry-on that giggles when prodded? Squee! You're going to have so much fun.

  • At 8:48 AM , Blogger Alwen said...

    I second the mourning cloak ID, and here's a link to one of my favorite bug-ID websites,


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