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Saturday, January 31, 2009

twentyfive things about Pat

A bouquet of random things. Guess which ones are true.

1. Pat is very creative. (See the early days of her blog with her story of the Littlelace family. I couldn't wait for the next episode.)
2. Pat knits splendid lace.
3. She participated in the Traveling Stash. Whatever happened to the traveling stash?
4. Pat is married to a sky pilot (minister).
5. Pat has a heart big enough for multiple kitties and one poor homeless dog, now named Buddy.
6. Buddy will tell you that Pat is the bringer of all that is good in life.
7. Pat has grandchildren.
8. Pat can out-walk most twenty-year-olds.
9. She takes marvelous photos of the Grand Canyon.
10 She loves to go on crusies.
11. She took marvelous photos of Alaska.
12. She bought quiviut in Alaska.
13. She took marvelous photos of Mexico.
14. She took marvelous photos of Las Vegas when she worked there as a concierge in the Luxor.
15. She is a kind and generous woman.
16. She is an awesome cook.
17. Her snickerdoodles are to die for.
18. She has a wonderful garden.
19. She can spell xeriscape.
20 She can xeriscape.
21. She practices her spirituality, rahter than just talking about it.
22. She doesn't talk about it much.
23. She loves fine linens.
24. She has a splendid sense of humor.
25. She's a bold and trusting woman and a delightful friend.

Tomorrow, I think I'll do 25 things about Sue who got me started on this. It's fun!


  • At 2:27 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    And now I want to know more about Pat--well done!

  • At 4:50 PM , Blogger Pat K said...

    I'd like to know more about her too --- oops!! You did manage to come up with 25 things, more or less, haha. And some are more true than you would imagine. Now to go show this to the sky pilot. Thanks for the smile today, my friend! And someday we ought to go on a cruise together. Now that would be an adventure!


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