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Thursday, May 22, 2008

knitting without a net

It's not done yet, but modular knitting makes for a fun, fun top using up bits and bobs. Darker tones at the bottom, pink up next to my pretty face. It's silk, tencell and bamboo. And cat hair.

And then there's this Noro Silk Garden scarf. I saw a picture of a scarf on Norma's blog and thought, hey, I can do that. Well, sorta. The concept is dynomite! The execution is - uh - adequate. See how the one side is sort of a series of big scallops? The other side is where the yarn is carried up the edge. Much more stable and tidy.

But alternating the two skeins every two rows does make for fascinating color changes, and really highlights the diagonality. Next time, however, I'm going to start with a point and end with one as well. Good old garter stitch!

I was surprised how far the Noro went. After the fourth segment, I was expecting to run out half way through the next, and every segment, I was happily surprised.

Everything is better with a kitty, and Pepper is such a glossy girl!

Our washer is still dead, and as I settled in at the laundromat this morning, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. That lasted almost an hour. Then a young woman came in with probably every sheet, towel, blanket and bedspread she owned, and a whiney toddler wrapped in an adult-sized sweatshirt. The baby was deposited in one of those crappy laundromat chairs, and the young woman began shoving stinkiy laundry into the machines. Then the kid began heaving again. "Oh, dear," I squeaked, "What can I do to help?"

"Mind your own fucking business!" mom snarled, pulling off her own sweatshirt and wrapping the little one up in her last clean remaining bit of fabric.

I gathered the last of my laundry, left a twenty on the folding table next to the young woman's baskets, and said, as I left, "Things will get better."

So, you overstressed moms out there, what else could I have done? My heart just goes out to her.


  • At 8:06 PM , Blogger Donna Lee said...

    She must have been having a really tough time to respond like that. (I'd rather believe that than that she is like that naturally). I hope your gesture of kindness made a bright spot for her and she was better for a while. You're a nice woman, Roxie. I'm proud to know you.

  • At 3:42 AM , Blogger Kate said...

    There's nothing you could have done. There could have been a long prequel of crappiness (besides that of a heaving baby) before the outburst that meant that the day was completely shot for her. Then again, as donna lee suggested, she may be just a crotchet of a woman.

    I love those pinks and the modular form will really carry the yarn gradations beautifully. I have a bowl which I usually use for dips. At the base is a curled up black cat while written around the rim is," Everthing tastes better with cat hair in it". I only use it in select company...

    My roses look like hell. Must prune them tomorrow.

  • At 3:11 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    If it helps to know, Roxie, when I was a young mother (and there was a period of time when that could have been us, heaving toddler, laundromat, 1/2 naked mama and all!) I would have welcomed a kind voice, any kind voice, letting me know I wasn't alone.

    And the knitting is beautiful--I love your color sense!


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