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Monday, February 12, 2007


Due to an illness at work, I am now filling in, working 10 - 2 mon. fri. I am out of shape for this. Whine, whine. My feeties hurt. My shoulders are sore. My brain is full. I've been out of the office for most of January, and things have been changed in my absence, so today is the first day of playing catch-up. "Oh, we put the appointments over here. Oh, we don't do that anymore. Oh, we need those people to sign in now." Luckily, it's only mid-terms, not finals. People are more willing to cut you some slack during mid-terms.

However, this evidently IS one of the last days before the cutoff for accepting applications to our nursing program. Now THERE are some stressed out people!! Do you want to be taken care of by a nurse who leaves everything to the last minute, then is rude to the people who can't accomodate her insistent demands?Do you want a nurse who is, "too distracted by that guy's coughing," to get an acceptable score on her reading test? She will be reading people's charts with a lot more than someone coughing near her. And math- don't get me started. These are the people figuring my dosages. When I go in for surgery, I know that the difference between 10cc of morphine and 100cc of morphine is only one decimal point on paper, but it's really, really important to me that they get it right. I want my nurse to pass her math classes with all A s!!

Also, I have picked up a job recording textbooks for visually disabled students. I need to do 8 chapter summaries and vocabulary lists by tomorrow morning. Guess I'd better get to it. It's a sociology class, so it should make for interesting reading.

Oh, that elephant I had to eat? I may have finished it off today. The bookstore has moved into the neighborhood, so I took my publicity packet and a copy of the book down to the store this morning and slipped it through the mail slot. Wish me luck.


  • At 4:58 PM , Blogger Wannietta said...

    *\o/* GOOD LUCK *\o/*

  • At 6:34 PM , Blogger Willow said...

    Hurray for the masticated elephant!

    When my dad was living in a nursing home, he knew what his meds and dosages were and would refuse to take incorrect ones. The nursing staff finally put a note in his chart that said loud and clear, "This resident knows his meds and doses. Do not argue with him or try to force him to take meds he doesn't want!" Go, dad!

  • At 4:11 AM , Blogger Lucia said...

    Nearly all of the nurses we dealt with during Taz's various medical adventures were wonderful. I bet they filed their applications in plenty of time.

    Good luck! They are lucky to have you.

  • At 4:12 AM , Blogger Grandma Flea said...

    Good luck, Roxie.

    I'm with you - I want my nurses to be maths literate. Our niece-in-law is doing an enrolled nurse program (like a nurse's assistant but a lot more responsibility than in years gone by). She told me that this year, for the first time, the E.N.s have to get 100% on their final medication dosage exams, but that Registered Nurses ("proper nurses") only have to get 80% - is that stupidity, or what? If I'm ever in hospital, I'm going to be asking if I can have an EN who graduated after 2006 to do my meds! No wonder people die in hospital.

  • At 11:55 AM , Blogger Willow said...

    Yes, I do like how the Beaches Blanket is turning out. Stones on the beach are all different sizes and shapes, so the blocks have to be different.
    check out what Mary Rose is doing
    I really need to learn how to put links on my blog :)

  • At 5:12 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    That's funny--both my parents are nurses--neither of them can understand my 'math distraction' but I'm awfully glad they don't have it!!!

    Enjoy the enforced'll suck when you do it, but when you're done? It'll feel like you took the class and got paid for it!!!


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