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Saturday, February 10, 2007


Yes indeedy, it's splatterday! We need the rain and it IS February, after all! We managed to get our running around done before the rain started, so I can sit all cozy at my desk next to the window and look out upon the rain and feel content. It makes such nice music on the roof - and running musically down the downspouts - and tinging off the cone thing that keeps the rain out of our chimney. (Those cone things must have a name, and I bet someone out there knows what it is.) So if you take a piece of medium grey dryer lint and get it soaking wet, then hold it over your head, you will know exactly what our Saturday sky looks like.

DH had a "Guys' breakfast" with a friend who turned 74 today. While they were out, I took all our 5 cent deposit cans and bottles to the grocery store and got $2.35 for them. Then I went to Joann's where they are selling fun fur for $2.50 a skein and bought six skeins of yarn with my bottle money. Well . . . it's for a good cause. Lucia made an eloquent statement about the good works done by the children's hospital her son went to. And her friend Linda is collecting chemo caps for the kids there. Crazy, bright, and fun-fur were the requests. I can do crazy. I like bright! So I bought green and blue and purple and red and orange and pink fun fur. Knitting chemo caps will be the carry-around project because the SUand KI sweater is too big and stringy to carry.

Yesterday ML and I met at Abundant Yarn and Dyeworks for lunch. (They are carrying my book!! Oh boy, oh boy!!!) We spent a lovely time talking yarns and knitting. I got to help her with understanding how a mitered square works, and she got to help me with promoting my book. I need to put together a packet to send to an independent bookstore to introduce myself and the book. But every time I think about doing it, it's like being told I need to eat an elephant. How in the world can I ever eat a whole elephant? ML showed me how to cut it into bite-sized pieces.

Then I went home and dug out a big storage bin I'm not using, and Miz G. can put to good use. While I was cleaning it up, it occurred to me that we bought two of those bins initially, so I went looking for the other one. Under a pile of stuff in the garage, I found it. And it was half full of yarns that I had forgotten I had! There was shelf space for it at last! So Miz G. got TWO big bins, and I got more yarn. Then Miz G. brought me some lovely china pieces that she probably won't use again, and several cones of fine rayon chenille. I'm am SOME lucky, I think!

My darling brother-in-law, who is a Scoutmaster, wants a Farceeing hat of his own. (Can you just see this in the dimness of the evening on a campout?) Two more people have requested them as well, and I have to make one for me, so I went on line, picked a taxidermist supply store, and ordered some eyes. Three kinds of fish eyes, and two sets of bobcat eyes. Oh, these are gonna be FUN hats!! So much to knit, so little time!

Happy Saturday to one and all. Now I have to go chew the first bite of my elephant.


  • At 6:54 PM , Blogger Pat K said...

    More eyes? I wanna see a picture!

  • At 11:23 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    Wow--you're lucky--I don't even know what the elephant LOOKS like! But I do know what your sky looks like--I usually go walking about 3 times a week--not this week--walking in the rain at night is only good when you're ready to be strong, and I've been mostly fetal this week. I'll be strong tomorrow, I promise. I must see pictures of the Farceeing hats...Goddess, they were so cool it's (almost) criminal. But ignore me--go out and sell a million books, and I will brag that I knew you when! (I use your style as inspiration--you write with so much color!!! But then, that's how you live your life, so it makes sense.)


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