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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Be careful what you ask for.

After a few weeks of cool, rainy weather, and hordes of whiney citizens begging for some sun and some warm temperatures, we just got slammed with two record-breaking hot days. 101 and 102. That just doesn't happen in June in Portland. We don't usually expect summer till after the 7th of July! This has been a surprise. Everyone has to go out and buy new sunglasses because we forgot where we put them last fall. We have to dig out our sun-clothes and we'll wear them wrinkled because it's too hot to iron anything. Our skin is fishbelly white, so we need sunblock. Probably put away with the sunglasses, don'tcha think? But it wouldn't matter if we COULD find it. The stuff expires after a year or so. And I'm not risking my pasty pale epidermis with anything less than fully functional factor fifty. I've already had one bout with skin cancer. (Basal Cell Carcinoma - the best kind to get if you have to get it. One dashing scar on the forehead and regular visits to my darling dermatologist. Doesn't carcinoma sound like something a hillbilly family would name their oldest daughter?)

The mind like a butterfly flutters further from the track . . DH and I heard a story that some misguided equal-rights organization was protesting that all hurricanes are given white-centric names, and wanted more colorful names in the options. We thought that red is a color, and started coming up with red-neck names for the hurricanes. There's Andy-Bob, Betsy-Bob, Cletus-Bob, Daisy-Bob . . . . "Dade county has been devestated by hurricane Wanda-Bob. This, coming in the wake of hurricane Vernon-Bob and hurricane Uneece-Bob, has completely overtaxed the trailor-park insurance agencies."

I don't mind heat as long as I can lie in the shade somewhere with lots of cold water, but a lot of folks are suffering, and what anguishes my knitter's heart is that there is nothing I can knit to help them. We all have our gifts in life. When someone is in need, we respond with what we have. Nurses nurse. Cooks will cook. When a friend comes down with serious illness, I don't volunteer to bring over casseroles. (My casserroles would likely make them sicker anyhow.) My very first impulse is to knit them something. Chemo caps or a cuddly lap-robe or bed-socks or whatever seems most useful. You folks in the hotter climes, is there anything I can knit for the homeless in our city to help them through this sweltering summer?


  • At 7:41 AM , Blogger Kathy said...


    you make me laugh. The hurricane name objectors crack me up. Your names are the best.

    Thanks for the great book list you sent. Im after a Mcmannus at the library today! Need humor.

    Knitting for the homeless in summer, well. How about some nice absorbant cotton headbands to sweat collect?

  • At 8:19 AM , Blogger Pat K said...

    Cotton headbands works. Cotton washclothes, maybe, if they could be wet down and tied around a neck? That's an Arizona hikers trick to keep cool out in the heat, tie a wet rag around the neck. It's hotter where you are than where I am today. PS, thank you for the lovely comments about Chapter 3, I knew you would appreciate what I attempted to do with the poem. And you'll have to wait like everyone else to see what happens next. Right now, only the Pumpkinknitter knows. ;-)

  • At 9:04 AM , Blogger Roo-Bee-Faye said...

    Too funny about the PC hurricanes. I guess there are people out there with a gripe about everything. I would think such groups would be pleased to not have to share "their" names with something that is so devastating and takes people's homes, lives, etc. Go figure. I live in Iowa and it actually does get very hot here in the summer, sweltering actually and so humid, I hate it! When it is this hot I just want to cower inside with my AC on full-blast. I think the best thing someone can do for the homeless is support local shelters.

  • At 9:39 AM , Blogger Lucia said...

    There are things called cool ties which are apparently sewn rather than knit (which is why I don't make them, being Sewing Impaired) and which I believe are essentially ties with absorbent crystals in them. You soak them in water and they stay wet for a really long time. They are much prized by soldiers in Iraq.

    As far as knitting is concerned, yes, anything cotton would probably be good.

    How about hurricanes George, Donald, Dick, Jeb, Rush, Ann... oops, I think my politics are showing again.


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