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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Payiing it forward

I decided what to do with all this blue-green yarn I am spinning. I don't wear blue-green. I don't know anyone who does. But Northwest Medical Team is always going to cold countries to deal with disasters. Theyy need warm hats, scarves, sweaters to help keep people alive. Also, the work with orphanages in second and third world countries, and the kids always need sweaters and baby blankets. I can knit and donate.

Northwest Medical Teams is my favorite charity. Last I looked, they use 98% of the money donated to them to take care of the people who need help. It goes for medical supplies and equipment for disaster relief, and for plane tickets to fly volunteer doctors and nurses to help desperate people all over the world. They spend only two percent (2%!!) on staff salaries, office expenses, administration costs. Red Cross spends about half on Administration. Their executives travel first class and have plush offices. I want my hard-earned cash to go to people in need, not to comfortable executives. I have been tithing to Northwwest Medical Teams for years. Wanna check them out for yourself? You can learn more about this incredible team by visiting"


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