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Sunday, June 18, 2006

While the world is dreaming

Miz G came to visit yesterday.. She is a brilliantly gifted fiber artist who recently returned from a sojourn in Arizona, and has moved to a medium-sized town not far from my home-town. And she has made a run up to the big city for fibers and fun. Miz G is primarily a tapestry weaver, but has skills in so many areas that it blows me away. (She makes an income as a legal assistant!) We are planning an assault on Abundant Yarns today. (See link) (I don't know how to put links into blogs yet. any clues?)

And as a fan of my novels, she has heard about Sanna's Fast-feet Socks, and has brought some yarn to be knit into thick, wooly house-socks to help her speed through the housework. Gotta figure out if she wants the 10 mph, 12 mph or 15 mph socks. Very important not to put a 10 mph sock on one foot and a 15 mph on the other. Disasterous consequences!

Last night, I bound off the sleeves on the loud sweater. I am too darn casual about some things (like counting,) and wound up with one sleeve that has the right number of stitches, but the underarm seam is ten stitches out of place. Any perfectionist should gird her loins now. I'm going to leave it like this until the whole thing is finished. and if it doesn't look too crippled, I'll just wear it. It's a HOUSE SWEATER! It's for my personal warmth and comfort. I can always rip and re-knit later.

And it makes me smile! Miz G. careully did not remark on the colors. She approved of the over-sized coziness.

Whn I get a digtal camera there are going to be a LOT of photos posted!

Miz G and DH are still sleeping. I have had tea and biscotti and the Sunday funnies. I love getting up to see the morning with its face just washed. I love listening to the dawn chorus of birds and smelling the air before too many cars have run through the neighborhood. And I love the wicked privacy of it all. Oh yeah, all those other people are out there, but just for now, while they are asleep, I don't have to share anything with anyone. It's mine, all mine! Mmmwaahaahaahaahaa!


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