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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Purgatory on rollerskates

Work was much too interesting yesterday. Not actually hell on wheels, but edging in that direction. The two women who usually handle GED were both gone, and the rest of us haven't had enough practice to process everything smoothly. The lad with the broken ankle was in so much pain that he had to go home at noon. (He ripped the tendon right off the bone. Man, I would be home with big drugs and books on tape. He soldiers through anyhow. the trooper!!)
On top of that, one of the other GED centers in the area has shut down for the summer, so their folks are driving an hour to our site, and expecting to just walk in with no paperwork what-so-ever. This is Federal Government stuff, folks. Of COURSE there is paperwork! And additional fees and there is no way you can whine, argue or intimidate us out of it. I have to go in early this morning to organize for all the joys this day will bring.

It sure does make going home a joy. Putting my feet up and sharing the sofa with DH and the cats is bliss! I ask no more of life than that it should go on as we have it.

I tried on the loud sweater last night. Wow, is that an ugly puppy! Well, I can always overdye it with navy if the colors make my teeth hurt. But I may be going through that phase when you have been creating something that has taken its own direction, doesn't match your vision, and you are sick, sick, sick of it. I always have a delightful surprise when I see a sweater I knit some time ago and gave away because I hated it. Golly, it's actually quite nice. Down right beautiful, in fact. I really AM a great knitter. So, maybe when it's cold enough to wear the loud sweater, I'll like it better. It fits nicely. I like the way this mitered design fits the mature body. Yes, yes, photos will follow. If I have to scan the prints I get from Costco and figure how to attach them, I will get photos up somehow. Suggestions?


  • At 5:40 AM , Blogger TimY said...

    Hi Roxie.
    I can't figure out how to post
    a picture on your blog yet
    but I'm looking for a way.


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