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Thursday, June 22, 2006

summer is icumen in

One of the joys of being an early riser is watching the garbage men at the crack of dawn. All that hefting of fifty pound cans of slop gives them terrific upper-body development. And in the warm weather, they peel down to t-shirts and bib-overalls. What a splendid show to go with the sunrise! No lechery here - just profound appreciate for the glories of God's creations. S/He did a darn fine job on garbage men!

There's another morning peculiarity I feel a need to share. I can't drink coffee, and felt rather wistful about all those wonderful cinnamon moccachinos and other foofy drinks available to coffee drinkers at "Fourbucks," (and similar java emporiums.) Then it occurred to me that I could take the syrup they use, and pour a dollop in my tea. YUM! YUM! YUMMY! Raspberry is the current favorite, though hazlenut runs a close second. And after dinner, a nice hot cup of postum with a shot of Irish cream syrup is the perfect warm, sweet dessert for a good girl like me.

Yesterday, I took the LOUD sweater in to Chrysalis (The women's knitting group I have been involved in for years) and no one had to run retching out of the room, so it must not be as ugly as I had feared. In fact, Pat, our fearless leader (and my peerless copy editor) even offered to adopt it, so if I can't learn to love it again, it will still find a good home.

On the other hand, Pat knits. Maybe I can teach her the pattern, and she can make her own sweater (s). Her's would be much quieter and more tasteful, though, because Pat is quieter and more tasteful - though still a raging amazon warrior at heart. She's just a quiet raging amazon warrior.

Many thanks to all my new friends who have visited and made such nice comments. What a delightful connected feeling. I could just squee with joy!


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