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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Another quilt

Mary Jean and I finished another quilt.  Did I tell you about our new project?  We're calling it "Warmth and Water."  Mary Jean's son Tim has joined Engineers Without Borders, and the chapter at his college are planning to go to Thailand and build a water-purification plant for a village in Thailand.  But they have to raise the money to do it first.  So, to support their good works, Mary Jean and I will be donating a quilt to Medical Team International in the name of anyone (or any group) who donates $100 to the cause.  Now I have to get all techie and figure how to give you links to the engineer's website and to the blog MaryJean and I have started.  But if you're interested, lemme know.

We also accept donations of fabric (cotton or cotton-poly, please) quilt batting, old sheets, and old blankets.  this quilt is made from  donated sheets, fabric remnants from an Aloha-shirt factory, and polyester batting from an estate sale.  We do pieced and tied quilts because they're faster.


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