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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Second Saturday

Another scarf completed

Second Saturday of the month is time for tea.  This month, I went pink.  I wove the tablecloth decades ago when I was still single.  Dyed the yarn while it was wound into balls, then drove nails into the side of my house and stretched the wet, dyed yarn across them to dry. Husbands tend to object to that sort of, "outside the box" thinking.

 Years later I knitted the pink tea cozy.  It goes surprisingly well with the tablecloth.

My friend Amy Lane, writer extraordinaire, sent peanut butter fudge for Christmas which arrived just in time.  Amy is now declared to be the Fudge Goddess.

New friends joined us.  Sabrina, who is a chiropractor, and Heide, who is Wonder Woman with a husband and three teenaged girls.
We had lemon cake with lemon curd, fresh pineapple, shortbread cookies, ginger cookies, tunafish sandwiches, coffee and tea.  We had great conversations and we all learned something new.  I learned how to hypnotize a chicken.  I didn't know about this.  I grew up with horses and sheep.  You can't hypnotize sheep.  They are born that way.

What have you learned lately?


  • At 1:44 PM , Blogger Delighted Hands said...

    While I don't wear pink, I can sure admire a spread like this one! Love the scarf!

    I raised chickens for years but I do not know how to hypnotize one! lol

  • At 3:43 PM , Anonymous Sandy O' said...

    Delicious! What a treat your friends can enjoy! What do you do with a hypnotized chicken?

  • At 7:13 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    What a lovely scarf-- I should have known you could take that pattern and make it magic!

  • At 7:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You lay them on their backs and rub their chests until they relax and freeze. There are other methods too, but that was the favorite for my siblings and I to practice.

  • At 5:10 AM , Blogger Saren Johnson said...

    I'm bummed I missed tea.

  • At 8:11 AM , Anonymous benita said...

    Gee, I don't know which I like most - the scarf or the tea cozy. The cozy you knit for me is getting lots and lots of use this winter. As cold as it has been here, a cozy is a necessity to keep the tea hot.

  • At 6:00 PM , Blogger Lyssa said...

    Most of the things I've learned lately, people don't want to hear about over tea!


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