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Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday in October

Holy Crow!  It's almost Halloween!  We gotta go get pumpkins!  So, since DH did NOT have to work this Sunday, (If he did work, they would have had to pay him triple time, since reworked all of last weekend.) we went in search of the wiley pumpkins.  It was overcast and cool, and the pumpkin field was a sea of mud.  I had my hot pink galoshes, and DH had his profound masculine nonchalance, so we slogged out and made our selections.  And we picked up some assorted squashes as well because they were there,  lolling in their various bins, calling out in their little squashy voices to be taken home with us.  I thought I got some splendid photos of various bins of squash and fields of pumpkins, but I still haven't figured that one random finger stroke that turns on the damn movie camera, so I got lots of movies of the squashes, which don't do a damn thing but lie there looking photogenic.

At last, I got one still photo of the gourdish haul, before we loaded them into the car.  We took a scenic route home, through the hills, and all the gourds, squashes, pumpkins, ran back and forth across the back of the car, trying to get a good look out the window.  Squashes don't get out much and they simply couldn't sit still!  But they were only minimally bruised when we got home, so,no harm, no foul. Now I am squinting at those orange surfaces and imagining faces.

With an afternoon before us, we looked for something to do that we would both enjoy.  The new Three Musketeers movie is now showing.  It was SO much fun!  It's well cast with appealing actors young and old.  It even drifts loosely around the original story, though Dumas never imagined the flying warships or the Countess DeWinter engaged in Matrix-like sword fights with the Cardinal's guards or any of the other interesting twists, but I kept grinning through the whole show, and Dh enjoyed it, too.

There have been 40 movie versions of the Three Musketeers.  I think I remember Michael York as D'Artangan. And didn't Racquelle Welch once play Constance?

The costumes in the latest version were a treat, though only roughly accurate.  I adored the king's shoes and hats!  It might be fun to compare costumes across all 40 versions.

Now, /dh is back to work for another 12days straight, and I have pumpkins to carve.  And a camera to learn how to use. Wish me luck.


  • At 1:48 PM , Blogger Rose Lefebvre said...

    LOL I was just picturing the squash and pumpkins running around in the car.."Ohhh, look here! What's that?" scamper scamper "Over here, over here! Lookie and see!"
    I am glad you had such an enjoyable day.

  • At 2:13 PM , Blogger Willow said...

    I love your imagination and how you get it out in words. I could just imagine those squashes and pumpkins in the back of your car--so funny!

    The first Three Musketeers movie I saw was with The Professor the year we were betrothed. My memory is that the whole movie was filmed in browns, grays and blacks and I could hardly see anything so I was not impressed. I wonder which of the 40 it was...

  • At 4:45 AM , Blogger Donna Lee said...

    Michael York and yes, Raquel Welsch, is my favorite version. Richard Chamberlin (king of the miniseries) was in it as well.

    We have to go pumpking hunting too. I saw some interesting ones where they turned the pumpkins on their sides and used the stems as noses. Different perspective.

  • At 5:12 AM , Blogger KnitTech said...

    Movies of squash, that doesn't get any more orginal. Have fun carving the pumpkins.

  • At 11:03 AM , Blogger Lyssa said...

    I can't resist buying big piles of squash and pumpkin must have something to do with reading the Little House books where the girls are playing in the attic around the pumpkins with the rain on the roof. Something about them just feels cozy and right.

  • At 2:42 AM , OpenID barbfroman said...

    Hmmm...I'm not coming around if you're wielding a knife. It looks like you have plenty of pumpkins to do surgery on. ANd thanks for the review of the 3 Mustketeers. I wondered how it was. (Of course you'd like the costumes).

  • At 9:50 AM , Blogger mplanck said...

    I love the photo and suddenly want to go pumpkin picking! So glad you shared with us. My favorite version of The Three Musketeers starred Gene Kelly as D'Artangon. :-)

  • At 4:16 AM , Anonymous Benita said...

    Are you going to carve the squashes or make pies out of them? I love squash pie even better than pumpkin pie.

    Michael York as D'Artangan was the best! I also liked Michael York as Pip in Great Expectations. Maybe I just like Michael York...

    Have fun carving and I can't wait to see the faces.

  • At 8:42 AM , Blogger sophanne said...

    Your traveling squash story makes me want to change the words to the Song Shoo Fly. Squash in the back seat shoo fly shoo. You make me so happy with words. "masculine nonchalance"

  • At 11:58 AM , Blogger Galad said...

    Hope you figure out the camera so you can post some pictures of your pumpkin carving :-)

  • At 8:13 AM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    MUST see the new movie! And "profound masculine nonchalance"-- I think I must use that. Consider it borrowed! 'Adour' the post on gourds:-)


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