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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sleep is good

DH and I walked over to the nearby grocery store to pick up some supplies for his lunches.  This is a fascinating neighborhood, quite gentrified, vibrant, and a bit quirky.  Huge old homes turned into multiple apartments, lots and lots of neat restaurants, boutiques and specialty shops, Huge, wel-established trees shading the narrow side streets and cherished gardens or exquisitely landscapped public green spaces.  It was a dry, cloudy afternoon and we strolled and chatted in quite leisurely fashion.  We took the food back to the room, rested for a few minutes, then drove to the Broadway Grill and Brewery where we had a delicious meal.  He had the reuben sandwich, and I had a grilled shrimp Caesar salad.  I found the Pinochle Ale  a bit too bitter, but I managed to force it down anyhow. :)

Then back to the room.  The kitties came out from under the beds and joined us on the big bed upstairs for a little tv watching, then we went quite early to sleep.  Oh, sleep is good.  The kitties were much less nervous.  The big bed upstairs was a much better fit.  And we slept and slept and slept without interruption untill the alarm went off at 4:45 this morning.  It felt so good!

Today is a day off for me, so I will be writing.  It should be a productive day.


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