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Monday, June 06, 2011


I was wrong about the name of the place we're staying.  It's the Mariot Residency Inn, and yes, they let us have the kitties with us.  The kitties hate it.  Ben and Pepper traveled together in one carrier and refused to come out for three hours.  DH got a great picture of these two resentful fur faces glaring out at him.  Candy slunk under the bed and is still there.  I hope she slipped out during the night to use the box.  Otherwise, she's gonna explode.  Fly heard the sound of food when we came home with burgers, and greed overcame anxiety.  There's a nice little kitchenette in the place, but we were just too pooped to think about cooking.

DH spent most of the evening playing with his new I-Phone.  I went early to bed.  As soon as he came to bed and turned out the lights, nervous kitties oozed up onto the bed with us.  Why do they all want to sleep on me?  One between my knees, one wrapped around my head, one on my chest, and one tucked against my side made it well-nigh impossible to roll over.  It WAS nice and warm, though.  This morning, after DH left, Ben got to feeling much bolder and explored.  There is a two bedroom unit with a double bed downstairs (where we slept to keep the kitties company) and a king bed in the loft bedroom upstairs.  I heard Ben exclaiming excitedly from upstairs and looked up to see him peering down from the halfwall wayyy above my head.  Wish I could have grabbed my camera in time.  He was much amazed. (Our house is a ranch with 9 ft ceilings.  He has never had a chance to be taller than me before.  Stairs were quite wonderful to him as well.)

As for the knitting, I finished a scarf done in silk and rayon.
And I am using the end of the silk and rayon yarn, along with a strand of fingering weight alpacca to knit a gray hat for a re-found niece.  When Mom passed away, the bank got in touch with three of my nieces I haven't heard from in years.  It's nice to start getting reacquainted.

And then there is an enormous bag of odds and bobs that are waiting to be transformed into hats for the orphans.  I have a LOT of writing to work on, though, so the knitting will mostly languish.

I'll be enjoying complementary breakfasts for the next four mornings.  They offer steam-table scrambled eggs and various interesting variations on the bacon and potatoes themes.  There are boiled eggs available, and you can make your own waffles. I went for the granola with yogurt.  Yum!! Tomorrow, I may go crazy and add strawberry jam.

DH has to be at work about the time the breakfast bar opens, so no freebies for him.  I might grab an orange or a banana for him, though.

We spent an interesting 20 minutes last night comparing bruises.  I have more, but he has a huge red and black contusion across the top of his wrist where his watchband damaged him, so he has the best one of the bunch.  I am lucky enough to have found a man who is willing to let his inner 6 year old out to play with my inner six year old.  Surely I am among the most fortunate of women!


  • At 2:13 PM , Blogger Arlee Bird said...

    I usually try to stay at Marriott properties when I'm traveling as they are usually pretty dependable. The comp breakfasts are always a big plus when available. I am a Marriott rewards member so we usually get a couple of free rooms each year.

    Tossing It Out

  • At 5:01 PM , Blogger Galad's gallant daughter said...

    Roxie, I know that we don't know each other well but I do want you to know how much I appreciate your prayers and well wishes during this oh so crappy time in my life. My thanks,
    Nicole Iannone

  • At 7:55 PM , Blogger Rose Lefebvre said...

    The cats will probably be so comfortable with the place by the time to go home!

  • At 9:55 PM , Blogger Heide said...

    Enjoy the maid service (as long as they don't let the kitties out), breakfasts and, if they have it, the weekly dinner/bbq. We lived in hotels between moves on several occasions... both times with children (or at least 1 child) and multiple kitties. I looked forward to the meals to break up the monotony of living in a room without an outside to putter around in. Trips to the pool, weight room, etc. are also nice. Hope you all survive with your sanity. If you need anything delivered to if you need help moving back once the floors are done then please let me know.

  • At 5:02 AM , Blogger Donna Lee said...

    One of my cats loved to be the tallest one in the room. She'd find the highest point and launch herself at it. She sat on the bent wood coat tree, the top of the china closet and once when we lived in a condo, the banister at the top of the stairs. Then she'd look down upon us as haughty as Cleopatra, "Worship me, you lowly creatures".

    We never get to compare bruises. Pk doesn't get them often and I bruise like an overripe peach.

  • At 6:09 AM , Anonymous Benita said...

    Sort of like a working vacation?

    At least you have someone else to clean up after you for a few days, and just wain until you get home and see those wonderful, shiny floors!

    Don't think about having to unload everything back into the house just yet.

  • At 7:00 AM , Blogger KnitTech said...

    Sounds like I need to call 211 for the cats. =^.^=

    Can't wait to see the new floors.


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