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Saturday, April 17, 2010


I bought some beautiful hand-dyed merino fingering yarn to knit socks while flying to and from Oz, then wound up knitting something else. then there were earthquakes in cold places and my immediate response to disaster is to knit hats. If you have to live in a tent, it can be hard to stay warm. If you can't stay warm, you are more likely to get sick and depressed. A wool hat will help you stay warm, even in a tent.
I have been playing with various types of hats to show off this lovely yarn. Here's a short row hat.
I rely on garter stitches' natural elasticity for the body of the hat, and stockinette short rows, each one one stitch shorter than the last, to shape the top. This was fun! and doesn't is show off that varigated yarn nicely?


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