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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Bucky writes

Lulu and the Bah boys are now back with us. We no sooner got home than Bucky ran over to the lap top and began typing as fast as his hooves could hit the keys. And he asked me to post this photo as well. So here's Bucky's missive:

Attention Wooly Sheep!

You have insulted my brother, and stated that you could kick his ass with one hoof tied behind your back. You should know that Bobby Merino does not stand alone! And if some polyester-coated, constipated lambchop thinks he's so bad, he should just ask around Estacada to see what people say about the Bah boys. No one delivers shit to our farm!

Furthermore, there's a pack of coyotes you could talk to about us, but I don't think they've stopped running yet.

Lulu has too much crimp to fall for a blowhard like you.

With no respect whatsoever, Bucky Merino!


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