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Monday, October 12, 2009

Davis Graveyard -photo-heavy post

These folks live about a mile from us. They are theatre technicians, and have put their skills to work on their hobby- dressing their house for Halloween.

They create a false facade for their garage.

They decorate everywhere.


The graveyard is huge and fanciful with timely comments on the gravestones. ("Bernie handles all my retirement income.")

they have volunteers stationed around to answer questions and guard the special effects. The volunteer is the one in the hat.

Every October they errect the crypt, which is the center of the audio/visual effects. At night, the fog machine kicks in. The bushes rustle ominously. Red eyes peer at you from the trees and the ground cover, then scuttle away. Groans and wails echo wierdly from distand corners of the property.

The mourner sobs gently but as persistantly as a 15 year old girl who has learned to use tears as a blunt weapon to get what she wants.

And the local highschool dance team comes by to perform "Thriller" for the admiring crowds. And believe me, there are CROWDS!

A local car club composed of hearse owners brings their prizes by to show them off.

The home-owners have a gorgeous glass-sided Victorian horse-drawn hearse. Those Victorians were really INTO death!

Y'all come back now, y'hear?


  • At 7:19 AM , Blogger Donna Lee said...

    That looks like fun! We have neighbors who do up their yards but not quite to that effect.

  • At 8:23 AM , Blogger Willow said...


  • At 9:21 AM , Blogger Galad said...

    Amazing - they most really love doing this.

  • At 2:02 PM , Blogger KnitTech said...

    That's pretty intense.

  • At 3:03 PM , Blogger Kate said...

    Wow! We don't get that kind of dedication here, it's cool to see it still happens.
    There are a few houses in the area that do that sort of thing for Christmas...

  • At 6:11 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    Wow-- fun neighbors to have!

  • At 7:00 PM , Anonymous Dave Daniels said...

    Wow, those people REALLY know how to do up a holiday right. Endlessly amazing...

  • At 7:34 PM , Blogger Rose Lefebvre said...

    I pass by this house on the way to see my best friends daughter, who lives just down and around the corner from them! I can vouch for the traffic. I have yet to go there though! Maybe this year I will visit and walk from her house to there.
    They do go all out! Last year someone stole some of their decorations--how tacky is that!!!


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