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Saturday, September 05, 2009

More fair photos

The breakfast of champions.

Angora on the hoof. ("Ooooo, he's all floofy!" Why did it have to be a pretty young blonde who said this?)

Well socialized rabbit soliciting snacks. DH cautioned me that this could be a scam. While the bunny engages you, his confederate steals all the carrots from your handbag.

DH communing with a goat who was trying to talk him into buying her a candied apple.

Two young ladies preparing to demonstrate electric bicycles. I found the socks quite inspiring.

As we were leaving the fair, we heard, through the closed windows of our rig, the booming and throbbing of some jerk with the rap music turned up to "Permanent hearing loss" on the volume knob. A blue Hundai Elantra pulled up beside us. We looked to see who the jerk was, and both broke out laughing. The driver was a skinny old white guy in his mid fifties, long-sleeved white shirt, receding hairline, and just rocking out to "Everybody Calls you Bitch" He was slapping the dashboard and the wheel, bobbing his head back and forth like a pigeon, twitching his shoulders, and singing along. He looked like an older cowboy posessed by the demonic spirit of a ghetto teen. So much for my assumptions of who listens to which tunes!


  • At 9:48 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    Hey-- anyone can coo over 'floofy'! And that's TOO funny--anyone can listen to rap! (I've got a soft spot for goats... too much James Herriot as a kid, they just seem very sympathetic!)


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