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Thursday, April 16, 2009

good intentions

"And she had sins that were too numerous to mention. She wasn't good, but she had - good intentions."

I intended to post a day in the life on Tuesday. But by the time I had lived it, I was too pooped to post anything. So on Thursday afternoon, you get the photo story of my Tuesday morning. I leave home at 7:30 AM.
Our neighborhood was all orchards and farms until the post WWII housing boom. There are still remanents of agriculture all over. Like this family farm which no longer grows anything but grass and wildflowers and the sense of space.

I drive for a couple miles along Railroad Avenue, which parallels - the railroad. Somedays, I wave to the freight train engineers as I pass. My car is faster than a speeding locomotive. The city encourages trees and bushes along the waste land beside the train track to cut down on noise and pollution. The cottonwoods are just unfurling their leaves. I love the brief few days when they are that brassy color. Soon, they'll be just another of the million shades of green we get so used to here.

How often do you pass a logging truck on the way to work? (I know. I should not have tried to photograph it while driving. I'm a wicked bad person. But at least I don't talk on my cell phone while driving. Like that's more virtuous somehow.)

More green stuff. Work is about 800feet higher in elevation than home. It's right around here where I start seeing snow in the winter.

At ten till 8, the parking lot is three quarters empty. In the next twenty minutes, it will fill up completely. I park at the far side of the lot so I can get at least a smidgen of exercise into my day.

The assessment center. Doesn't look all that terrifying, does it. And yet, people are afraid to come and see us.

This is my view for hours on end. Hours and hours and hours. You can see an 8x10 photo that I brought from home. I need something bigger and brighter on which to rest my eyes. It's too much like the inside of the prisons.

On Tuesdays, I'm at work for 9 hours. By the time I leave, it's brain death. I'm not com[plaianing! Honest to gosh, I am so thrilled to have a job to go to and such a nice drive to and from and such nice people to work with! Really, honestly, I am THRILLED! But by the time I get home on Tuesday, all I'm good for is quiet, mindless stuff. Like watching TV and tying a comforter. And I am so spoiled that it's all I HAVE to do. And sometimes, dishes, but that's well into the mindless zone, too.

The Asian lanterns pieced and tied comforter. I spread it out on top of the car. So I guess I could also consider it a car cozy.


  • At 5:37 PM , Blogger Heide said...

    The Chinese Lanterns quilt it lovely. Perhaps you need to hang something knitted or quilted in the classroom to liven it up a little. That might make the space less intimidating for the students as well. I remember when logging trucks were a very common sight.

  • At 10:30 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    Dang, Roxie--that's pretty! And I LOVE where you live-- Oregon is SO very green! You have a VERY busy day:-)

  • At 5:06 AM , Blogger Donna Lee said...

    Assessment centers are by their very nature intimidating. Tests!

    The quilt is so beautiful. I love the lantern pattern. What a great gift that will be. I hope that is a clean car under that quilt.

  • At 8:14 AM , Blogger Em said...

    Your home is so much more picturesque than mine right now, we're still waiting for buds to open into leaves. It'll happen, though. I have faith.

    And my goodness, wasn't a car cozy an ambitious project! I guess if you're tired of tea pot cozies it's a nice break, though.

    Thanks for the offer of the willie warmer, I will happily take on for the auction. And if you e-mail me your phone number, I will put you on my personal list of people who will know what's up before me. :) Jim or Momolla can call you to let you know if it's a big cut or a little cut (go, big cut!) and that I'm still sleeping. Mmmm, pain medicines...


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