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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Not so old after all

Saturday afternoon I did a fly-by on a reunion of the Christian youth group I was involved with after college. It was marvelous to see old friends, but pretty overwhelming, too. The organizers had asked us to share an on-line one-page biography of the past 30 plus years to speed up the catching up process. Many people had become missionaries or ministers or theologians, or they were the prop and stay of their church, or they were teaching at Christian schools. I started my biography with, "I'm still a sinner," and went on to tell how my life is not all that holy and I don't even go to church any more. Everyone who came up to me said it was their favorite biography. And no one tried to convert me back to the one true way to heaven.

I was quite impressed with how well we have aged. When I was 24, I would never have expected a bunch of fifty-plus people to look so good. We are still reasonably trim and vigorous, and the lack of wrinkles is astounding! It has a lot to do with not getting much sun exposure, not drinking or smoking or partying late. We may not be tan and sophisticated, but almost all of the ladies have creamy, smooth skin. The only obvious sign of age is the fact that we are all going grey - and on us, it looks good!

I arrived early which was wonderful because I had time to talk to the other early arrivals. In about three hours, I was hitting sensory overload and the workshops were about to begin, so I hugged people goodbye and fled.

It was a splendid day for a drive, and the reunion / retreat was held in a stunningly beautiful place - the Menucha Retreat Center. It's a wide-spread scattering of cabins, dormitories and halls easing down the side of the Columbia River Gorge. Stunning views, huge shady maple trees and verdant lawns, forest and wildlife, good organization, and serenity like a thick quilt laid over the whole estate. There were two other retreats , a large wedding, and a family reunion going on as well, and no one ever intruded on anyone else. This could be a killer location for a knitting get away. But not in the winter. The area ices up all the time, and the roads are precipitous, narrow, twisting and shaded. I wouldn't try to drive 'em on a bet!


  • At 11:46 AM , Blogger Galad said...

    What a wonderful experience to spend time with old friends and the setting sounds beautiful. I'm glad they appreciate you for who you are, without any need to try to reform you :-)

    I'm going to my high school reunion in September. I've found that I love seeing everyone, but a couple of hours is enough, and then I'm good for another 5 years.

  • At 6:50 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    That does sound wonderful! Maybe you are all so good looking because goodness is it's own reward? (And I love that about you being a sinner... so very Roxie, so very half-a-bubble-off-plumb. I'll just bet yours was the best biography there!)

  • At 6:55 PM , Anonymous Norma said...

    Such a refreshing story! Amazed and relieved that they didn't try to reform you. :)

  • At 12:16 PM , Blogger the boogeyman's wife said...

    sounds like you had fun - and they still liked and respected you even though you're a sinner :) three hours is more than i would last at a reunion i think, so well done! great description of the location too.


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