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Monday, July 07, 2008

La,la,la! You all won!

On my 600th post, I got 10 comments from my ten favorite readers and I'm so pleased because you all won. How random is that? What color bamboo do you want? I know there's some lovely bluish red, an exciting orange, yellow and olive blend, and dark blue with purples and red. And I think I'll be able to get some white if you want to go pure --or dye your own

Here is our handsome Mr.Fly modeling a neckpiece in the blue and purple tones. Poor
Fly had a rough morning today. I woke up to find that his eye had swollen closed. So first I had to poke at his eye, then DH had to poke at his eye, then I loaded the poor cat up and took him in to the vet where the vet tech had to poke at his eye, then she got out a thermometer and poked him elsewhere, then the vet came in and poked at his eye, quite thouroughly, and put all sorts of drops and - -stuff - - in it. She doesn't see any ulcer or scratch on the lens, so we have some antibiotic ointment to gunk into his eye twice a day, and some anti-inflamatory meds to squirt down his throat once a day, and we will wait a few days to see if the swelling and accompanying muck doesn't go away without further poking. And worst of all, I'm not letting him out for the next few days. How cruel can you be to a cat?
The vet has a large, amiable, red cat with two fore legs and one hind leg. His name is Ivan, and he runs the place. Today, he had an adorable little assistant - a fluff of red female too young to have a name yet. I think they should name her Peaches or Goldy, but I suppose it's up to whoever adopts her. We DO NOT need another cat!!!
On our road trip, I got lots of opportunity to knit. Here is a delightful scarf knit in the Zen Art Walk colorway, "Discarded Roses." Love this pattern. Stole it from a noro scarf I saw on Norma's blog, then altered it to suit my fancy. It makes wonderful use of self-striping yarn, and equires only garter stitch, decease, and the ability to pick up stitches along a garter stitch edge. I'm considering champagne-colored artificial pearls in a fringe on the ends, but that might be too much. Whattaya think?


  • At 6:58 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    I think I'm utterly enchanted with beadwork, so I disqualify myself from answering! I love those colors though--some of my absolute favorites!

    And I'll take whatever color you've got... although, I am partial to antique rose colorways like that one:-)

    (Poor Fly... well, if a cat hasn't been poked in his unmentionables w/a cold thermometer, he's been coddled too much...)

  • At 11:06 PM , Blogger the boogeyman's wife said...

    an uneven fringe with beads sounds cool. hope mr. fly gets better!

  • At 5:01 AM , Anonymous Dave Daniels said...

    That's a fantastic photo of you.
    And (belated) CONGRATULATIONS on your 600th post. That's a whole mess o' words for 600 posts, and a zillion comments, too.

  • At 9:52 AM , Blogger Galad said...

    My two cents -the beadwork would really dress it up and enhance the lovely colors.

    I'm so excited to have won something. I'm also willing to try anything as far as color but am a sucker for blues and purples.

    So sorry for Mr. Fly and hope he feels better soon. Is he good about medicine as that can be a struggle (says she scarred from experience). Will keep a good thought for both of you.

  • At 10:17 AM , Blogger Willow said...

    Yes on the beadwork, especially if you are going to wear it.

    Blue, please. Or bluish red. Thank you ever so much :).

    I have a library card for Redondo Beach CA library and one for LA City Library system as well as my Ventura County card. Whenever I visit the beach cities to kitty sit, I can get books!

  • At 11:12 AM , Anonymous LindaG said...

    YES on the beadwork -- not if too sparkly but the tremble of little things on the edges would add zee leetle somesing, n'est'ce pas? (sure I spelled THAT wrong!)

    If olive-yellow-orange is all one thing, I think such a zesty combo would be fun. Otherwise, lovely reddish is also fab. ANY prize is too fabbooo.

    You are the Mer-Goddess in that picture and always!

  • At 9:46 AM , Blogger Donna Lee said...

    Everyone won? What a contest. I liked the scarf when you posted it on the artwalk site. It's so pretty. I think beads will make it only more so. And somehow, I see you in beads.

    Colors? I am not partial.I'd love to be surprised.

  • At 4:37 PM , Blogger Pat K said...

    See what happens when I let my Bloglines lag? Dang that business of having to work and cook and clean and all that stuff. And I am so not concerned about color, although you do know how I love that fall palette. More woo hoo!

  • At 3:17 AM , Blogger Bells said...

    Hooray! Honestly, I'd love something in the blue/red end but I will be excited to get whatever comes my way!

  • At 7:07 PM , Blogger Warrior Knitter said...

    I don't really "know" You but that photo of you speaks of You. It's the arm / hand placement along with the big but slightly mischievous grin that puts it way over the top.

    And again with the magical knitting. Fantastical!


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