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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rather more well written post

Yesterday's blog was written in mad haste before DH and I went grocery shopping. I knew I would not get to the computer after we got home, and he was just champing at the bit to get gone, so you got the completely raw, unedited version. It did rather carry the breathless delight I felt, though. And I just found out that my nephew and his five-year-old son are going to the show today. Wayyy cool! Wish I could be there. (Greedy Roxie)

I did manage to finish the hat to go with the fingerless gloves. I just went solid color and knit away in the dark. And since the forecast is for below freezing temps the next few days, I think I'll just stick the set in an envalope and mail it off.

But meanwhile, it's mild enough for fat cats to bathe in the front yard. Fly is the only indoor/outdoor cat we have now, and boy does he make the most of it. He comes back in and lies to Baby Ben about how swell it is out there. So this morning, when I came back in with the newspaper, I felt a thump as the screendoor swung shut behind me. Oh, yes, the little red crapweasle had snaked between my feet in the dark and squirted outside. Luckily, he does not understand the basic concept of chian-link-fence. He knew he was in trouble, and tried to run away from me, and - well, SPANG! It made him so much easier to catch. He has been considerably thoughtful the rest of the day. Could it be that Uncle Fly has lied? (Imagine if you will, a fat black cat laughing up his sleeve.)


  • At 3:24 PM , Blogger Willow said...

    Oh that naughty boy Ben! I hope he has learned his lesson! Uncle Fly, shame on you!

  • At 3:50 PM , Blogger Wannietta said...

    Good job on the hat & mitts - they look great!

  • At 3:55 PM , Blogger Norma said...

    Oh, hawhawhaw. In Bloglines, with my limited attention span because my upper body is SO SORE from my workout, I thought you were holding a lamp. I was like, "What the...?" Now I get it. Nice mitts & hat!

  • At 6:16 PM , Anonymous Dave Daniels said...

    Ha ha ha, that little crapweasle! He thinks he's so smart and has SO much to learn!

  • At 10:08 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    *chuckle* Chicken's psychotic cat is just as chicken as Chicken--he'll get two feet outside, and I'll hiss at him (from inside mind you) and he runs back in because he doesn't want to be in trouble.

  • At 7:22 AM , Blogger Warrior Knitter said...

    The fingerless gloves and hat look so warm.

  • At 1:03 PM , Blogger Lucia said...


    I am LOL just imagining it.

  • At 6:40 PM , Blogger Kate said...

    Oh, I'm laughing so hard. I know just what you mean about the 'SPANG!'. Harvey did one like that when a cheeky mudlark was copping some of his water. He didn't quite figure out that he couldn't spring through fly wire!

    Love the beanie and gloves : )


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