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Saturday, March 03, 2007

This party is SOO much fun!

Tammy asked for Orange Spice Tea. Constant Comment is the orangiest, spiciest I know. Don't you just love the fishie cup?

Amy Lynn requested the rose pink cup. This one is hand painted by some skilled hobbyist. In honor of Amy's daughter, I took two miniture gumdrops, rolled them flat, and sculpted a rose for the top of the cupcake. And Red Rose tea, of course. Amy's new book, BOUND just came out on Amazon. She is SUCH a wonderful author!!

Last I heard from Grandma Flea, she was enjoying a perfect cup of tea in the good china cup and admiring the napkins my grandma embroidered. Just for fun, I thought I'd invite Grandpa Flea as well. I love the way these cups go together without needing to be identical. (I know, you don't get a perfect cup of tea from a bag, but Lipton is Lipton, no matter which way the water spirals down your drain.)

Janette in requested black tea in a white cup with lemon. WE don't have lemon right now. How about a lemon blossom on the cupcake? We aim to please, but sometimes, we miss.

Miz G. just moved again. She is as brave as a lion and as wise as a dragon. She is now living in Portland again, so we can go and play in Goodwill and the yarnstores together one of these days.

For more of the party, check out the next post.


  • At 7:07 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    Wow--all I can say is wow--what a lovely party--and you are such a thoughtful hostess...the china is BE-AUT-TI-FUL...and the carved gumdrop for daughter Rose is amazing. Thank you for your thoughtfulness--my only regret is that you've purchased my book, darling--I was planning to bring you a signed copy via post, but you got your copy before I got mine!!! I will have to think of another hostess/party gift--maybe a virtual pair of socks or an ode to a farceeing nice to see everyone else here...DH, Miz G, Tim, Lucia, Dave--I've heard so much about you all, it will be lovely to share some virtual tea:-)

  • At 8:08 PM , Blogger Tammy said...

    Oh thank you, thank you, the tea is going to taste great!!

    What a lovely set up you have. Thank you so much for this virtual party, I will be back.


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