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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sleepin in Sunday

Yesterday, we got in a lot of walking. First we put in our two miles of mall walking. Then, after breakfast and chores, DH decided that it really was past time time to get new tires for his car, so back to the mall we went to the Sears store, and strolled back and forth for an hour and a half while they installed our new tires. I almost never get to the mall on Saturday at mid-day. Holey old boot soles, there are a lot of people there! Since the mall is close to rurual redneck country, we saw young cowboys in their straw hats, snug jeans and workin' boots brushing shoulders with urban youths in oversize jerseys and those gawdafull baggy-butt shorts. (OK, so I enjoy long legs and a trim backside nicely displayed. Always have, always will. I also like to watch Irish setters running in the sunshine. I can appreciate the view without wanting to buy the property.) As for the girls, we saw many wearing colored leggings and denim hiphung microskirts about 10 inches long from waistband to raggedy hem. Wearing the messengerbag slung across the body causes these scraps of skirts to crawl up even further, so the poor dears tend to walk with one hand constantly twitching the garment to assure complete coverage. On the other hand, there were andogenous goths wearing long, shapeless black clothes with straps and studs and fifteen superfluous zippers and useless D-rings and enough black eyeliner for a troop of raccoons. These little darlings jingle as they walk, wear out the hems of their pants because they are walking on them, and carry about 11 extra pounds of metal (some of it stuck through their faces.) We saw one crimson mohawk spiked up about eleven inches. That kind of style takes lots of time and money to maintain, though. Mostly, the"cool" kids around here are into streaks of color in their hair, and a certain bird's nest look to the cut and style.

There were times when the crowds got so thick that I wanted to sharpen up my elbows and ram my way through to an exit. Stressful. But DH took me to a real sit-down restaurant for lunch, and I managed to mellow out, and when we got out, the car was ready.

And then to a birthday dinner with friends which kept me up an hour past my bedtime. I slept like I had been shot and stuffed, and if I had dreams, I don't remember them. So I still don't have a clue what all my nightmares of the previous sleep were about. Guess I could do a search on dream interpretation and see what the experts say.

Almost done with the hat (the blend is 75/25 Merino/ Alpaca Nashua Handknits from Westminster Fibers in Nashua New Hampshire. $8.25 for 220 yards!!) I am getting mittens and a hat from two skeins of yarn. Now to block, photograph, and present. (Damn, I wish I could get photos onto the blog!!) I LOVE it when a project is completed. What next? What next?


  • At 12:24 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    You know, the kids dress their best to mall walk--the clique out to the nines and perfect their insouciance and pretend for all they're worth that the eyes of the world are as impressed with themselves as they are. I like to watch too... (and I totally get that whole Irish Setters running in the sun thing...I'm around 18 year old boys all the time...aren't they pretty? Glass balls are pretty too, but we don't buy them because they don't fit into our life well... same thing...)


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