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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Flock and Fiber starts tomorrow!!

DH has a dreadful cold. He's such a hero. He never whines or demands to be waited on or anything like that. Mostly, he pulls into his shell, curls up in the bed, and focuses fiercely on getting over it. He HATES to be fussed over, bless his dear heart. I have been doing all I can to avoid catching it from him, since 1. I am NOT a stoic sufferer. (I can take care of myself, but I demand the right to complain at length and with colorful descriptions, about every symptom I suffer. )

And 2, I want to be well for the Flock and Fiber Fest. I want to wander and shop and eat kettle corn and stay out in the cold and the rain till my wool coat is soaked through. I want to buy masses of yarn and fiber that I DO NOT NEED! I want to fill my eyes with enough colors to last through the grey winter. I want to coo over the baby alpacas and scritch the jaws of the friendly Shetland sheep and run across fellow knitters unexpectedly. And if I'm coming down with flooding sinuses, a wicked sore throat and fever aches, I will NOT be able to enjoy myself. Also, I could not, in good conscience, go out and share the disease with all and sundry. I think sick people are morally obligated to stay home and quit spreading the contagion.

Yesterday, I went downtown to participate in a survey regarrding neighborhoods and health. (If there were more adult recreational facilities near you, would you exercise more? If you had access to more high-quality fresh produce, would you eat more fruits and vegetables?) I love strolling around downtown when I have time to dawdle, so I got there early, found a parking space (a remarkable stroke of luck!) and sauntered, looking into shop windows, and watching folks rushing to work. I saw a pair of Doc Maarten boots, mid calf, in pink with lace patterning. I had to laugh out loud! And the chic young shop-girls will never surrender their black mini-skirts and leather bomber jackets. The only concession they are making to the chilly autumn rain is the addition of black hose, and sometimes, a closed toe on their four-inch high heeled mules. Ahhh, youth!

Then I took my book in to The Yarn Garden to see if they would consider carrying it. (They are considering it!) and while I was there, I just had to gape and fondle and lust after ALL the yarn. I wound up rooting through the 50% off basket and grabbed some wonderfully soft stuff with which I designed a gorgeous scarf that will be half crochet and half woven and wholly sumptuous! And the idea was so cool that I had to buy this yarn that I DO NOT NEED. Soon as I finish the mittens, the silk top, and a pair of socks, I'll do the scarf. Oh. and I should start another orphan sweater, too. So many things to knit, so little time!


  • At 8:46 AM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    Dear friend, you and I both know by now that there is no such thing as yarn that you DO NOT NEED. All yarn is a MUST HAVE...we just prioritize when we buy, that's all... (I'm sending healthy thoughts your way...bad germs...go away...baaaaaaaaadddddd geeeeerrrrrmmmsssss...)


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