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Sunday, October 15, 2006

just like the apples

We have an apple tree in the backyard that is so organic it's practically ferral. We're too lazy to do diddly to it. It's unpruned, unfertilized, unsprayed, and every so often it gives us a bumper crop of little delicious apples. The knitting group was just like our apples - small and delightful. I served pumpkin muffins with yogurt cheese, and grapes with cheddar cheese, some Marcona almonds with rosemary from Trader Joes, and I rushed home from breakfast with DH and the guys so I could bake some focaccia. Unfortunately, even though I read the box directions three times, I missed the part about letting the dough rise for 20 minutes, so I was quite a bit behind on the final snack item. On the other hand, no one eveer shows up right on time either, so things pretty much evened out. There were 7 of us assembled and we had a marvelous two hours, chatting and nibbling and knitting away (except Pat, who was mending, and that's a good thing too.) It was a warm, mellow, comfortable time. Halley (11 or so) was using a knitting loom, and I watched with utter fascination, longing to get one of my own. (Like I don't have enough to do without picking up yet another technique.) Wwords can not express how delighted I am thatw this young lady enjoys our get-togethers. Hoorah for the younger generation!!

And just as I was starting the clean-up after the ending of the fun, the guys came with our new king-sized bed. When they left, I loaded them up with party left-overs, so I won't be as wretchedly tempted to devour every un-loved pumpkin muffin in exsistence.

The bed is so cool! DH and I spent about twenty minutes after the nice men left, playing with the controls Making the mattress softer, firmer, running the head up, lifting the feet, setting the massage feature for gentle, vigourous, wave. I usually sleep on my back with a pillow under my knees. Last night I slept on my back with the mattress lifting my knees. pretty cool! But, the bed is about six inches taller, and my feet had forgotten that by the time I woke up, so it's a good thing that I took a good stretch before I sat up and went groping for my slippers. Where's the floor for crying out loud? Oh. Floor's right where it always was. My butt's higher.

Today, time to finish the quilt cover. And time to plan my week. It's raining again. Half past October in Western Oregon.


  • At 10:29 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    Oooh...I'm jealous of party, the pumpkin muffins, the rain, and the bed. But you'll get tired of the rain eventually;-)


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