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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pet diapers are called Peepers

Poor old incontinent Black Jack, the crapweasle, is at least fifteen, which is pretty venerable for a cat, and we have already gone to the flat pan option for his litterbox. He usually hangs his tail over the side, so all the excretory material goes outside the box, but now I put layers of newspaper down to catch it, so the damage is minimal.

But he has begun whizzing in his sleep. Poor old man. Maybe it's a prostate problem? Anyhow, next week is a return trip to the vet (at least another $60.) We took him in last week because his foot was swollen and sore. No injuries could be found, no elevated temperature. The doc said he was a healthy old cat and sent him home with some anitbiotics which give him drizzlin' shits. DH had to do the vet thing because I was working. Next week, I'm gonna go be the bad cop. DH doesn't do the litterbox thing, so I don't think he was able to give an accurate picture of the situation. Intake and output reports are crucial to efficient diagnosis. Do cats get gout?

As for the bedding problem, he has found a lovely spot in the garage in a box containing an old, second-hand down pillow. I was going to use it for a cat bed anyhow. Jack has decided to sleep there for the time being, so we will indulge him as long as it makes him happy. what's not to love about a feather bed?

Thanks for the input, you dear hearts! I remember when Lucia had a cat up a tree, and the world rallied round. Kitties do bring out the best in us.


  • At 12:08 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    Poor baby... I'm glad he's got a warm place to sleep--and that there are such things as pet depends...


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