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Friday, October 20, 2006

flogging the book

I finally got my self over to Barnes and Noble yesterday and spoke to the events co-ordinator to see about doing a book-signing. I learned that Barnes and Noble does not carry print-on-demand books even if they have an ISBN number. But, in the intrest of community relations, they will be doing a "New Voices" event sometime in the spring when I can bring in a hundred of my books, do a reading (along with bunches of other new authors) and allow B&N to sell my books for 20% commission. So why should I do it? They will PUBLICIZE the event. In the MEDIA! I'm no one. I can't get my tiny voice heard by the media no matter how hard I shout at them. But Barnes and Noble might give me a brief stint with their megaphone. Moreover, all the other new authors will bring their friends and relations, some of whom might be interested in my book as well. So there is hope. Moreover, I plan to instigate a knit-in, begging all my fiberous friends to bring their WIP and KIP to give me moral support. For refreshments, I will treat at the B&N coffee shop or at Cinnabon - your choice.

Anyhow, this is not till spring sometime, so first things first - like Christmas knitting! I have to clear out shelf-space somewhere to keep presents labled and organized. I keep saying, I have a mind like a steel seive, but the chain-link fence is getting more appropriate. I may work for three weeks on a wonderful cabled vest for someone, filling it with prayers and blessings for that special someone, and when it comes time to box and lable it, I won't have a clue who I intended it for. I know it's full of love, but I love so many folks in so many ways . . . Oh, that neuronal ferret will wander back home sometime, and I will turn to DH during a TV show and say, "The purple vest was for Mary, and I just gave it to Joan. It'll never fit!" and he will say, "Oh well. Too late to fix it now." And he's right.

This isn't Alzheimers - just rats in the attic. Wandering ferrets. I recognize friends and I know who the President is (though I wish I didn't) but I need to write things down! This blog is great for recording the daily diddly that becomes essential for ferret bait. I know it happened right after I finished The hot-sunshine hat. When was that? Ah ha! Yes, I remember now!

So if i give you something wonderful that doesn't fit, or if you were expecting something and it didn't show, it's ok to give me a nudge. Or a headslap if that's what it takes to get the ferrets back in their boxes. I will give you the same loving forgivness when you get loose in the socket - and if you haven't already, you soon will. It happens to all of us eventually.


  • At 9:48 AM , Blogger Starfish said...

    Wow that B&N thing sounds great! Too bad you are so far away, I would come with my knitting!

  • At 11:31 AM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    Honey, I haven't had a complete thought since the time the babies are done eating my brain, there won't be anything for the neuron ferrets to take...

  • At 5:30 PM , Blogger Lucia said...

    Take my neuroferrets. Please.


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