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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Off the grid

One of the things I loved about weaving was the way the grid of its structure established parameters for the creative process. You can do anything you want, within certain boundaries. If you go beyond those boundaries, it ceases to be fabric and becomes something else. And I am equally enamored of "knitterly" solutions to sweater design. You want vertical stripes? The Kaffe Fasset way is to knit those stripes in intarsia. The knitterly way is to cast on all along the left side of the sweater and knit over to the right side. Just change colors and knit a few rows for each stripe. No counting, no watching, no thirty dangling strands of yarn snarling all over. You use the innate structure of the work to direct your design.

DH is stuck with mandatory overtime this weekend, and I have not been called in to work for two weeks. I have no innate structure in my life right now, and I feel like an un-tethered helium balloon. I suppose I could do housework, but geeze, you dust the place and six weeks later you just have to dust it again. What's the point? I have a quilt top to assemble, a western romance novel to work on, and one more bump of dyed roving to spin. Susan will help me fight the scan-and-post photo war when she wakes up but since she is going to bed just about the time I am rolling out (5AM) it will be a while before we see results. And by the way, Susan - I CAN spell, I just have a clumsy keyboard. It's all typos. It is! Quit laughing!

I got in a walk yesterday (one in a row!)and may try a repeat before I throw myself on the quilt. The library will open at noon and I can get more books on tape to entertain myself while I sew and spin. Hey, I'm legally a Senior Citizen now. I'm entitled to complain about being bored. Would you rather I complain about my bowels? All right then!


  • At 4:12 PM , Blogger Pat K said...

    What I wouldn't give for a little lack of innate structure. With all you are doing, how could you possibly ever be bored? ;-)


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