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Friday, July 14, 2006

"High Fiber Diet"

Miz G arrived from Bend yesterday. We met at the Japanese Garden where the local fiber guild's show - "High fiber Diet" was displayed in the big tea house. The theme was "Spirit in the Garden" I think, and the work was mind boggling. Dyed, painted, embroidered, quilted, layered hangings and scarves and jackets and . . . Sometimes, I look at art and I wonder, "What's the point? It's ugly, messy, and wildly expensive. Why should anyone buy that?" A ballerina does thousands of plies to develop her technique before she actually performs for the public. But some artists seem to feel any bit of paint slapped onto canvas to develop technique is worthy to be called art.And priced as such.

But this show was so far beyond that. Every piece was the equivalent of a well-rehearsed and performed dance. I wished I had a Nile green room so I could squander the grocery money and the insurance on a hanging of persimmon orange silk from a vintage kimono, with a subtly marbled pale peach lotus applique'ed, and a border of delicious obi brocades. Exquisite, detailed, precise work that took the breath away from a distance and from close up as well! Then I wanted a house with an enormous vaulted entry and stairwell so I could display the blue hanging with the sheer copper-hued overlay. I lusted after the black and white raincoat with three capes, even though I never wear black and white. And Miz G spent many minutes gazing at the painted, layered and quilted landscape, taking pictures with her eyes, soaking in the details, filling the memory banks with plans.

And if that weren't enough, we then strolled around the gardens. If you get to Portland, and you have the time, you need to spend at least half a day at the Japanese Gardens. There are several styles of garden and each one is a jewel. We meandered down to the Koi pond and marveled at the fish. Some of them are bigger than cats! And heaven help any raccoon that tries to snatch one. They'd probably eat the furry predator. There is a wooden walk over the shallow end of the pond, where the irises grow, and when we went over there, I hunkered down and tapped on the piling. Naughty me. I once dated a guy who had worked at the garden and knew some of the secrets. The keepers tap on the pilings to call the fish at feeding time. In a minute, I had several giant carp nibbling at my fingers as I dabbled them in the water. Ahahahahaha! call me Carpmaster! Go, giant goldfish! Do my bidding!

I have so enjoyed the pictures of the Treking socks involved in their various activities that I gave in and started a traveling sock of my own. Size 1 needles? OMIGAWD I am too OLD for this stuff! But since there is no deadline, and it's just a sock to travel with, I won't care how long it takes. A dear friend gave me some Lorna's Laces yarn in "Lakeview" colorway. The first sock is now two rows long and ready to boogy.


  • At 12:28 PM , Blogger Lucia said...

    I love that colorway, but then I love most LL colorways. I'm glad I've helped to seduce, er, inveigle, er inspire you in this way. (Technically you should work with Trekking yarn -- if you find that box let me know.)

  • At 1:04 PM , Anonymous rose said...

    Reading your descriptions almost made me feel I was at the art show. Thanks for sharing.


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