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Friday, June 16, 2006


This middle-aged stuff has its amusing elements. The radio is running in the background and someone is talking about, ". . . reptile dysfunction. . " ?? Oh, it's a Viagra commercial. I wondered why a disobedient lizard was a problem.

I NEED a digital camera! The knitting looks less like a nest of skinny eels, and more like a psychedelic spider on it's back, twiddling its legs. The sweater is turning out pretty cool, though. It makes me happy to work with all these colors.

Speaking of colors, on the way to work yesterday I realized I had forgotten to make a lunch. I was just about to pass Abundant Yarns, so I stopped in and, Hooray, the Busy Bee coffee shop was open. See, I was MEANT to stop at the LYS! And oh, what lust for color it stimulated! I petted yarn coming and going. I dawdled around, caressing this fiber and that as the sandwich was being made. I managed to get away without any naughty addition to the stash, but I made promises that as soon as the loud sweater is done, I'd be back to rescue some of those lovely yarns from durance vile.

They have knit skirts on the models in the window. KNIT SKIRTS! I remember our family doctor's wife used to knit her own suits with steel circular needles like wires, and yarn the size of thread. Her knit skirts (with godets knit in no less) were the thing of legends! And she was a substantial woman. She must have done nothing but knit circular stockinette and listen to the radio for hours every day! What a rich internal life she must have had.


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