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Thursday, June 15, 2006

blogging on the job

Due to a broken ankle on a full time employee, I am getting a few moreproctoring hours at the community college testing center. It's finals week, and right now, all it takes to do the job is two sound legs and half a brain. I qualify!!

Oh, don't worry. I have already done all the part-timer work. The test-takers come in waves, and I am blogging during a lull.

What never fails to amuse and amaze me is the earnest innocence of the young people who try to get away with things. They forget that all the old fogeys working here were once 18year-olds ourselves, and have tried all the lies and excuses decades ago. Didn't work then either. It's a learning experience.

Speaking of learning experiences, I was working away on the simultaneous sleeves, feeling rather smug, and thinking, "Gee, this is easy! No way I could mess this up." Yep, you know it. The next time I looked down I saw that I was putting both sleeves onto one needle, with one of them inside out and backwards. Thanks to all the knitting gods that look over me, I had more double-pointed needles to slilde onto and turn things around before I had knitted myself into a klein bottle. (Picture of Roxie, trapped inside the knitting, pawing feebly at the meshes like a fly in a web, wailing in a tiny voice, "Help meeeee. Help meeee!")


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